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Saskatchewan Library Trustees' Association (SLTA)
SLTA is a voluntary association of library trustees from across the province who have joined together in their dedication to help provide library services that will meet the needs of Saskatchewan people and thereby improve their quality of life.

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Board Members & Meetings

The Regina Public Library is established under the provisions of The Public Libraries Act, 1996. The general management, regulation, and control of the Library is vested in the Regina Public Library Board.

The Board consists of the Mayor and eight members of the public appointed by the City Council for two year terms. The Board meets monthly except for the summer.

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Presenting to the Board

Note: The date in parentheses indicates the end of the member's term.

LUCKE, Darryl, Chair - Read bio
(December 31, 2016)
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BARBER, Jeff, Secretary - Read bio
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BRENNER, Elmer - Read bio
(December 31, 2016)
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BRYCE, Councillor Sharron - Read bio
(Annual Appointment)
(December 31, 2016)
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FOUGERE, Mayor Michael - Read bio
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City of Regina
P.O. Box 1790
Regina, SK S4P 3C8

KAPOOR, Renu - Read bio
(December 31, 2016)
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KOBAYASHI, Cindy - Read bio
(December 31, 2016)
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MARCH-BURWELL, Barbara - Read bio
(December 31, 2016)
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QUINLAN, Sean - Read bio
(December 31, 2016)
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GREBINSKI, Starla - Read bio

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