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RFP - Request For Proposal - RPL Furniture

Question and Answer

For "Scatter pieces" under Children's Furniture, the Ultra Forma block package comes in sets of:
  • 9 Pieces
  • 13 Pieces
  • 19 Pieces
Which set should be used for pricing?

The RFP document has specified "price a number of shapes" for the Scatter pieces. As such, I would suggest that the response would be individual pricing on a number of the available shapes. It is understood that purchasing in sets is typically less expensive but the document is looking for individual pricing on a number of shapes.

Can you tell me if you are working with a designer and or current supplier on this project?

Yes, the Library does have a designer on contract and that firm has assisted us in preparing the RFP. On the question of supplier, that is the subject of the RFP.

Is it possible to know who the designer on contract may be?

This information is not relevant to any proponent's ability to respond to the contract.

We are trying to source pieces that are aesthetically comparable to what you have in the tender. Are any of your current suppliers able to get some of the items listed? If so, which suppliers?

Proposing comparable items to those listed in the RFP document is perfectly acceptable - please note the initial statement under Format - "The enclosed Product Requirements detail the generic requirements for the Furniture." It is not possible to say whether or not the Library can currently get some of the items listed. Some of the items listed would be new types of furniture to the Library and have not been purchased before.

It is very difficult for us to determine any sort of quantities on any of the listed items through this RFP. We are given to understand that each of nine branches will be involved but there is no indication of the numbers of each of the particular items required in each;

This award will be the mechanism for our Furniture purchasing for the public spaces at all locations. We assign approximately $140,000 each budget year for all furniture and equipment purchases. This budget sum includes the public areas and the administrative furnishing needs of the organization. The focus of our spending is on public spaces. Note that the sum spent in any given year will vary and is not completely predictable this far in advance but reflects our administrative targets.

Delivery costs will impact our pricing proposal in that the more product(s) delivered at one time the less the cost for the delivery. Do you have any sort of program describing the frequency which each of the products may be required other than over a 5 year period with 1 branch requiring some items by Dec 23,2010.

First, there are a number of branches that require delivery by December 31, 2010. Our Purchasing Policy requires that the items are on site and signed as received by December 31 in order for them to be charged to that fiscal year. This is not flexible.

We will have a ordering and purchasing tactical plan to minimize shipping costs and maximize efficiencies for both the vendor and our staff. Please outline shipping costs in a table that provides volume discounts if this is applicable.

Installation by our crew of equipment dealing with electrical connections would be advised, however, much of the furniture described in your request is simply soft seating or chairs which would come from a box for installation where necessary. Can you clarify the extent to which you will require our presence on site?

Bidders will be required to unload, unpack and fully set up all furniture and accessories and ensure they are ready for use in the RPL's desired location.

As is usual with furnishings of the type required there are a myriad of choices for the end user. Do you have any set standards which will need to be adhered to with regard to fabrics, wood finishes, colours etc?

Bidders are to provide pricing for two fabric options,
  1. Crypton 100,000 double rubs
  2. COM
Colours will be determined at a later, date but will be standardized throughout all of the branches.
Bidders are to price the finishes in both wood and plastic laminate from the manufacturer's standards where the option exists.

Regarding the cost proposal. It is stated in the cost proposal to provide a fixed discount off of the mfg's list pricer. It also says to include unit pricing on each furniture type and a breakdown of major components. Could you explain why this would be needed as its really just going to be the same information. Would just including a complete price book of each product with a discount off of that be acceptable ?

There are two things we would like bidders to supply:
  1. a fixed discount off of list price (as a percentage)
  2. unit price of each component supplied (list price)
A price book would be acceptable along with a written statement of the fixed discount.

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