Category: New Magazines


Categories: New Magazines

New Issue of Generations Magazine

Generations, September 2013, Vol. 38, No. 3

* "Researching Occupations" by Mavis Gray, pgs. 11-12. Note: the article contains a list of recommended resources which you can check in our own library collection.

* "Knowing Our Farming Foremothers!" by Kelly Southworth, pgs. 17-19. Note: interesting article regarding "The Grain Growers' Guide" which was the official newspaper of the United Grain Growers Association.

* "Family History? Why?" by Kathy Stokes, pgs. 22-24.

Note: This issue can be borrowed for 1 week.


Categories: New Magazines

New Magazines Issues as of September 27, 2013

Internet Genealogy, October/November 2013, Vol. 8, No. 4

* "Searching for Scholars: Online School Records" by David A. Norris, pgs. 13-17.

* "Profiling 150, 000 US Surnames" by Ray Cavanaugh, pgs. 25-26.

* "British Vital Record Indices" by Ed Storey, pgs. 42-45.

Worth, Fall 2013, Volume 25, No. 3

* "2013 Lieutenant Governor of Saskatchewan Heritage Architecture Excellence Awards", pgs. 4-9.

* "2013 Saskatchewan Youth Heritage Fair", by Jan Morier, pgs. 11-14.

* "Cowboy Commercial Hotel on the Rise Again" by Bob Friedrich and Ken Mitchell, pgs. 16-18.

Note: These issues can be borrowed for 1 week.


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New Magazine Issues for September

Family Chronicle, September/October 2013, Vol. 18, No. 1

* "Wooden Shoe Genealogy: Finding Your Dutch and Frisian Ancestors, Part 1" by J. H. Fonkert, pgs. 13-17.

* "Lessons in Genealogy: A Note to Beginners" by John J. Weidner, pgs. 24-26.

* "Follow the Luther Trail" by Carol Richey, pgs. 49-53. Note: the article examines how to track down Lutheran Church records.

SGS Bulletin, August 2013, Vol. 44, No. 2

* "Somewhere in Saskatchewan..." by Beverley Gutenberg, pgs. 42-45. Note: Article is about the resources held by the Saskatoon office of the Saskatchewan Archives Board, which tends to focus on historical resources for the northern half of the province.

* "Zichydorf Village Association" by Glenn Schwartz, pgs. 33-36. Note: For those of who are researching their Eastern European genealogy, this is a local group (website: worth checking out! Of particular interest for some is a proposed 2014 Banat Tour!

These issues can be borrowed for 1 week.


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More Magazine Issues This Month

Folklore, Summer 2013, Vol. 34, No. 3

* "An Incongruous Pairing: Plains Cree Fine Day and Anthropologist David G. Mandelbaum" by Garry Radison, pgs. 7-13.

* "Historic Pictures" by Adrian Paton, pgs. 15-17. Note: article examines some of the photographs that have been digitized by the Saskatchewan History and Folklore Society and the University of Saskatchewan. To see more photos from this collection, check out the following weblink

* "The Sixtieth Anniversary of Treaty Six" by Joey Kiss, pgs. 24-28.

Relatively Speaking, August 2013, Vol. 41, No. 3

* "Sheepskin Coats on the Prairies--Searching for My Ukrainian Ancestors" by Sharon Aney, pgs. 93-96.

* "Getting the Mail--Rural Mail Delivery Comes to Bardo" by Donald Kauffman, pgs. 97-100.

* "Your History of Homes and the History of Your Home" by Marilyn M. Astle, pgs. 105-108.

* "United Empire Loyalists and Eventual Migration to Alberta" by Heather L. Traub, gs. 118-120.

Note: These issues can be borrowed for 1 week.


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New Magazines for Mid-August

Manitoba History, Spring-Summer 2013, No. 72

* "The Guns of Manitoba: How Cannons Shaped the Keystone Province, 1670-1885" by Major David Grebstad, pgs. 2-11.

* "Manitoba's Concrete Block Buildings" by Gordon Goldsborough, pgs. 31-33.

* "The Doukhobor Settlers of the Swan River Valley" by Ella Thomson, pgs. 34-38.

Note: issue also contains the Spring-Summer 2013, Vol. 45, No. 2 issue of the "MHS Gazette"

NGS Magazine, July-September 2013, Vol. 39, No. 3

* "Online Newspapers" by Richard Aurand Sherer, pgs. 17-20.

* "Native Americans on the Trail of Tears: Part 1 - Census Rolls Relating to Indian Removals, 1817-57" by John P. Deeben, pgs. 38-42.

* "History, Content, and Format of German Church Records" by Roger P. Minert, pgs. 56-60.

Revue Historique, Printemps 2013, Vol. 23, No. 3

* "Représentation francophone dans les Territoires du Nord-Ouest" par Laurier Gareau, pgs. 6-13.

* "L' époque libérale en Saskatchewan: De Walter Scott à Ross Thatcher" par Laurier Gareau, pgs. 18-26.

* "T. C. Douglas et le CFF: un gouvernement socialiste en Saskatchewan" par Laurier Gareau, pgs. 28-34.

These issues can be borrowed for 1 week.


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New August Magazine Issues

Families, August 2013, Vol. 52, No. 3

* "Inheritance in Ontario: Wills and Other Records for Family Historians" by Jane E. MacNamara, pgs. 3-9. Note: the article is an excerpt from the book MacNamara's "Inheritance in Ontario", which is available for you to consult in the Prairie History Room's collection.

* "Seven Habits of Highly Effective Genealogists" by Dave Obee, pgs. 11-16.

* "Finding Esther" by Stephen C. Youngs, pgs. 17-20.

* "Your Introduction to GOONS!!" by Linda Hauley, pgs. 27-29. Also check out the companion article, "Are You a Goon? What on Earth is That?" by Kirsty Gray, pgs. 29-30. Note: We could tell you what a GOON is but trust us when we say you should just read the articles!

Note: Issue also contains the August 2013 edition of the "Newsleaf", the supplemental newsletter for the Ontario Genealogical Society.

National Genealogical Society Quarterly, June 2013, Vol. 101, No. 2

* "Parentage of Martha Smith of Alabama and Mississippi: Overcoming Inconsistent, Incorrect, and Missing Records" by Laurel T. Baty, pgs. 85-102.

* "Jethro Potter's Secret: Confusion to Conclusion in Indiana, Illinois, Ohio, and Michigan" by Harold Henderson, pgs. 103-112.

* "Indirect Evidence Identifies Ancestry of Beverly C. Fleming of Illinois, Tennessee, and Virginia" by Ann Carter Fleming, pgs. 129-136.

These issues can be borrowed for 1 week.


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New Magazines...Just in Time for the August Long Weekend

Alberta History, Summer 2013, Vol. 61, No. 3

* "'My Vocabulary Contains No Such Word as Defeat' Clara Lynch and Her Battle for Alberta Homestead, 1900-1909" by Sarah Carter, pgs. 2-11.

* "An Italian Count Comes West" by Hugh Dempsey, pgs. 12-20.

Note: Issue also contains "History Now", The Historical Society of Alberta Newsletter, for July 2013, No. 3.

Blue Jay, June 2013, Vol. 71, No. 2

* "Comparing South African and Canadian Practices for Managing Large Herbivores in Fenced Protected Areas" by Kiva Olson, pgs. 81-93.

* "First Record of Nesting Bald Eagles at Last Mountain Lake National Wildlife Area" by Philip S. Tayler et al., pgs. 98-102.


Note: These magazine issues can be borrowed for 1 week.


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New Magazine Issues for July

Family Chronicle, July/August 2013, Vol. 17, No. 6

* "Appreciating Genealogy Angels" by Kmiljka Kitanovic, pgs. 7-11.

* "Researching Family History in Old Newspapers" by J. H. Fonkert, pgs. 13-17.

* "Researching the British Army: Part Two" by Ed Storey, pgs. 31-34.

Generations, June 2013, Vol. 38, No. 2

* "The Manitoba Genealogical Society Library - In the Beginning, 1976-2003" by Louisa Shermerhorn, pgs. 9-13.

* "The Manitoba Genealogical Society Library - The Current Years, 2004-2013" by Mary Bole, pgs. 13-15.

* "An Introduction to the Database for HBC Servants' Contracts 1776-1926 (Conclusion)" by Elizabeth Briggs, pgs. 20-22.


Note: These magazine issues can be borrowed for 1 week.


New Magazine Issues

NGS Magazine, April-June 2013, Vol. 39, No. 2

* "A First-Timer's Guide to Archival Research" by Laura Schmidt, pgs. 18-21.

* "Navigating the NARA Regional Archives" by Julie Miller, pgs. 22-27.

* *Hints for Doing Genealogy Research When Reading and Writing Are Difficult" by pgs. 28-31.

* "Tracking Your Ancestors Using History City Directories" by Kathy Petlewski, pgs. 48-51.

Saskatchewan History, Spring/Summer 2013, Vol. 65, No. 1 and August: a Love Story" by Marion Mutala, pgs. 8-11.

* "Sports and Recreation as Medicinal: Saskatchewan Hospital, Weyburn, in the 1950s" by Lucas Richert and Blaine Wickham, pgs. 12-17.

* "Suds: The Impact of Liquor Laws on Saskatchewan's Small-Town Hotels" by Joan Champ, pgs. 22-32.

Worth, Summer 2013, Volume 25, No. 2

* "2013 Lieutenant Governor of Saskatchewan Heritage Architecture Excellence Awards", pgs. 4-13.

* "100-Year Old Regina Apartments' Facelift" by Don Black, pgs. 18-19.

* "Moose Jaw's CPR Dining Hall Went Up in Flames" by Leith Knight, pg. 21.

Note: These issues can be borrowed for 1 week.


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New Magazine Issues for June

Folklore, Spring 2013, Vol. 34, No. 2

* "The Classy Side of the Thirties" by Kay Parley, pgs. 5-7.

* "Something Beyond Ordinary: The Life and Career of Edith Fowke" by Kristin Catherwood, pgs. 12-15.

* "Transporting Prairie Grain" by Naden Hewko, pgs. 30-32.

Internet Genealogy, June/July 2013, Vol. 8, No. 2

* "Blogged: 25 Top Genealogy Blogs to Help Speed Your Research!" by Tony Brandy, pgs. 13-17.

* "JSTOR--A Previously Hidden Treasure Trove" by Diane L. Richard, pogs. 36-38.

* "Five Tips for Newspaper Research" by Mary Kircher Roddy, pgs. 50-52.

National Genealogical Society Quarterly, March 2013, Vol. 101, No. 1

* "A Family for Florence I. (Crouse) Nelson: Unraveling an Informal Adoption in Missouri or Indiana" by Paul K. Graham, pgs. 7-18.

* "Who Was the Father of Henry Norton Jaynes of Indiana, Missouri, Ohio, and Virginia?" by Mara Fein, pgs. 35-47.

Relatively Speaking, May 2013, Vol. 41, No. 2

* "George Henry Atherstone--May Not Have Been Such a 'Family Black Sheep' After All!" by Hans-Henning Mündel, pgs. 54-56.

* "Barr Colonists" by Joan Wegert, pgs. 69-74.

* "Visiting Alberta's Past: Childbirth and Healthcare for the Pioneers" by Miriam Roberts, pgs. 79-82.

Note: These issues can be borrowed for 1 week.

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