Category: New Magazines


Categories: New Magazines

New PHR Magazine for March 9

Family Tree Magazine March/April 2016

"Speaking Their Language," by James M. Beidler
"Foreign Affairs," by Rick Crume
"Triple Threat," by Sunny Jane Morton
"Under the Big Top," by Denise May Levenick
"Going by the Books," by Dana McCullough and Diane Haddad

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New PHR Magazine for March 4

Relatively Speaking:The Alberta Genealogical Society Magazine. Volume 44, No.1 (February, 2016).
"Gardeners at Government House: Tools for the Task," by Gloria (Kennett) Cathcart
"Inadequacies of Online Sourcing," by Cecilia Heritage
"What is Said and What is not on the website," by James L. Tanner
"Top Three Ways to use Social Media for Family History," by Amie Bowser Tennant
"For the Want of a Waistcoat!Searching Criminal Records in England and Wales," by Deborah Was

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New PHR Magazines for February 26, 2016

NGS Magazine: For Generations Past, Present, and Future. Vol. 42, No.1,January-March 2016.
* "Explore Florida Through its Diverse History," by Marlis Humphrey
* "The Forgotten Nineteenth Century: The Short Life of John McAuliffe," by Bryna O'Sullivan
* "Cameras in the Courthouse," by Pam Anderson
* "Researching World War II Naval Armed Guard Vetrans," by Melissa A. Johnson

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New PHR Magazine for February 19, 2016

Folklore: Saskatchewan's Yesterdays Personified, Winter 2015/2016
* "A Moose Hunt Story" by John Merasty
* "The City Cat and the Country Cat" by Bev Lundahl
* "Antiques Found in Saskatchewan- Part Three" by Ruth Lee-Knight
* "Many Roads to Learning" by Richard Wood

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New PHR Magazines for February 5, 2016

Families: Ontario Genealogical Society, Vol. 55, No. 1, February 2016
*"A Memorable Memorial: The Only Mausoleum in the Upper Ottawa Valley" by Robb Gorr.
*"Home Burials" by Royce MacGillivray.
*"In Search of History's Ghosts" by Bill Gladstone
*"The Ameteur Genealogist: Getting Started" by Fraser Dunford

National Genealogical Society Quarterly, Volume 103, No. 4, December 2015
* "Reassembling a Clark Family of Alabama, Georgia, and North Carolina" by Laurel T. Baty.
* "Middle Names from 1792 and 1793 Help Reconstruct Ancestry of John Rodda Jr., Butcher at Helston, Cornwall" by Ronald A. Hill.
* "From Slavery to Society: The Jerry Moore Family of Virginia and Pennsylvania" by William A. Cox.
* "How to Solve Genealogy Problems and How to Know They Have Been Solved: A Guide to Elements of Genealogical Analysis and Mastering Genealogical Proof" by Harold Henderson.

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New PHR Magazine for the week of January 25, 2015

Saskatchewan History, Volume 67, Number 2, Fall/Winter 2015

* "Nutana: The first neighborhood in Saskatoon" by Nathan Bartsch.

* "An Oversupply of Hope: One woman's reflections on the Great Depression" by Sandra Bassendowski.

* "The life and legacy of C.J. Houston, Medicare Pioneer" by C. Stuart Houston and Richard A. Rempel.

* "Mapping history: Lessons in history from Township Map of the Qu'Appelle Valley, Township 21, Range 13, West of the 2nd Meridian" by Christine Charmbury.

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New PHR Magazines for the week of January 4, 2016

Family Tree Magazine Volume 16, Number 7, December 2015

* "Making the Cut (75 top state-focused websites for tracing your ancestors)" by Rick Crume.

* "Photo Rx (how to digitally fix common old-photo flaws)" by Janet Hovorka.

* "The Long Way Around (help to determine the difference between a brick wall and a detour in your research road and, if possible, navigate a new route to ancestor answers)" by David A. Fryxell.

* "Finding the Missing (many Jewish families had loved ones vanish in the Holocaust. Surviving records can help you discover the fates of the missing)" by Melody Amsel-Arieli.

* "Workbook: Special Censuses (e.g. Mortality schedules, Indian censuses, Agricultural schedules, Manufacturing and industry schedules, Slave schedules, Veterans schedules, Defective, dependent and delinquent schedule, Social statistics schedules)" by Sunny Jane Morton.

* * *

Folklore: Saskatchewan's Yestredays Personified), Volume 36, Number 4, Autumn 2015

* "The Asinskow Ithiniwok: The "Rocky Terrain People"" by John Merasty.

* "Swift Current: Frontier City" by Keith Foster.

* "The Legend of Marguerite (Trottier ca. 1789-1881)" by Jean-Louis Trudel.

* * *

Blue Jay Volume 73, Number 3, September 2015

* "Plants: Using Multiple Data Cources on Species Distribution for Biodiversity Assessment: The Prairie crocus (anemone Patens) as a Case Study" by Vladimir V. Kricsfalusy, Meng Li and Charu Gupta.

* "Birds: Avian Biodiversity in an Urban Park: Breeding Birds of the Habitat Conservation Area (2010-2014)" by Jared Clarke and Mattew Tokaruk.

* "Birds: Frequency of Next Visits by Non-Resident Hatch-Year Tree Swallows" by Russell D. Dawson.

Note: These magazines can be borrowed for 1 week.


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New PHR Magazines for the week of December 28, 2015

Relatively Speaking: The Alberta Genealogical Society Quarterly Journal Volume 43, Number 4, November 2015

* "Sowing Winter Wheat: Introducing genealogy and family history to children and youth" by John Althouse.

* "Family Adhesive: The value of family history for children" by Janet Hovorka.

* "The Search for Captain Roy Brown" by John J.N.Chalmers.

* * *

Saskatchewan Genealogical Society Bulletin Volume 46, Number 3, December 2015

* "Researching Your Ancestors in England and Wales in the Digital Age: Civil Registration" by Rae W. Chamberlain. (the second in a series)

* "Provincial Archives Celebrates 70 Years"

* * *

NGS Magazine for Generations Past, Present, and Future), Volume 41, Number 4, October-December 2015

Special Issue: Genealogy & Writing

* "Utilizing Outlining for Strong Genealogical Writing" by Paul Graham AG CG.

* "Genealogical Numbering Systems: History and Reasoning" by Melinde Lutz Byrne, FASG.

* "Building Citations While Writing" by Michael Hait, CG.

* "Scrivener: An Organizational Tool for Genealogical Writers" by Mellisa A. Johnson, CG.

* * *

Note: These magazines can be borrowed for 1 week.


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New Magazines for the week of November 23

Your Genealogy Today (formerly Family Chronicle Magazine) Nov/Dec 2015, Vol. 1, No. 5

* "Genealogical Tourism in Calabria: Going Back in Time"Joe Grandinetti recounts his first trip back to his Italian ancestral homeland and the discoveries he made

* "Genealogy and the Law" Judy G. Russell looks at the differences between civil law and common law

* "Who Was Alfred Betts" Richard H. Goms Jr. searches for clues to help solve a mystery involving a mid-19th century ancestor and a strange agreement between neighbors

* "DNA & Genealogy" DNA Matches: Diahan Southard offers 3 tips to improve your relationships

* "Cholera in Wisconsin, 1849-1851" Based on an original manuscript by Virginia M. Johnson Wilcx, and edited and re-written by Jean M. Wilcox Hibben

* "Don't Give Up on Ghosts" Sue Lisk offers five ways to bring your family history writing to life

* "Reconstruction World War II Service for the US Navy and the US coast Guard" All the records burned? Are you sure? Jennifer Holik explains how to navigate and piece together World War II Navy and coast Guard Service

* "Advice from the Pros" Jana Sloan Broglin looks at two major formats for publishing your family history

* "Real Photo Postcards: 'Selfies' of Another Era" George Matheson examines an early form of the 'Selfie', popular long before the advent of the Intrenet and social networking

* "Genealogy Tourism" Genealogy in the sunshine: British genealogy in Portugal

* * *

Families: Ontario Genealogical Society, November 2015, Volume 54, Number 4

* "The Disguised Origin of George R. Young" by Stephen Young

* "Finding André in Ontario & Quebec" by Steve Marshall

* "Simcoe County's House of Industry and Refuge" by Nancy Leveque

* "The 400 Year Odyssey of a Suffolk Bible" by Ralph W. Manning

* "Fabric Dyeing and Pioneer Dyestuffs of Necessity" by George A. Neville

* "How Do You Prove an Official Document Wrong"" by Fraser Dunford

* "The Forgotten History of the Chinese in Canada" by Gin
Wei Wong

Note: issue contains the newsletter NewsLeaf The Ontario Genealogical Society, Vol. 45, No. 4 Supplement to Families 2015 Nov.

* * *

Alberta History, Autumn 2015, Volume 63, Number 4

* "The World of Joshua Pilcher: An American Fur Trader in Jasper" by Daniel Kyba

* "The Hutterites Come to Alberta" by Simon M Evans & Peter Peller

* "Among the Foothills and Rockies in 1885" by Arthur P. Coleman

Note: issue contains the newsletter of the Historical Society of Alberta History Now, No. 4, October 2015


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New PHR Magazines for the week of November 2, 2015

Family Tree Magazine
October/November 2015,
Volume 16, Issue 6

"Making Matches" by Diahan Douthard.
Can't puzzle out how you're related to your autosomal DNA matches? Learn two approaches to analyze your match list and find where those genetic pieces fit.

"More Than Meets the Eye" by Kerry Scott.
Evernote is best known for its note-taking tools, but there's much more in its arsenal. Become a power user with six ways to leverage Evernote for your genealogy research.

"Analyze This!" by Michael Hait.
Conflicting records? Common names? A dozen versions of a surname? See how analyzing your genealogical sources can help you conquer these family history conundrums.

"Welcome to Welsh Roots" by Rick Crume.
Discover the best resources for researching your Cymreig ancestors.

* * *

National Genealogical Society Quarterly
September 2015,
Volume 103, No. 3

"No Name, No Number: George Holms's Orphans of Washington and Jefferson Counties, Georgia" by Sara Anne Scribner, CG

"James Wesley Mooney of Will county, Illinois: Business Records Reveal His New York Family" by Sue Hahney Kratsch

"One George Deane or More? Determining an Identity Spanning Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, and Missouri, but not Wisconsin" by Darcie Hind Posz, CG

"Associations Re-establish Family Links: The Youngs' Serial Migration from Virginia through Kentucky and Missouri to California" by Shirley Langdon Wilcox, CG

Note: These magazines can be borrowed for 1 week.

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