Category: New Magazines


Categories: New Magazines

New January Magazines

Alberta History, Winter 2015, Vol. 63, No. 1

* "Mary Warren's Letters from the Home Front, 1916-1917" edited by Hugh A. Dempsey, pgs. 2-15.

* "Calgary in 1888" by Henry Norman, pgs. 16-19.

* "Recollections of an Experminentalist" by W. D. Albright, pgs. 20-24.

Note: issue contains the January 2015 copy of "History Now", the newsletter for The Historical Society of Alberta.

Families, February 2015, Vol. 54, No. 1

* "The Surrogate Family of Dr. John Matthew Munro" by Joyce Huth Munro, pgs. 6-10.

* "From Union Jack to Union Blue: Part Two" by Daniel Parkinson, pgs. 11-16.

* "The Trail of a Burnham Black Sheep: Silas (alias Zacheus) Burnham, c. 1840-1918" by Frederick I. Hill, pgs. 23-27.

Note: Issue also contains the supplement, "Newsleaf".


Note: These magazine issues can be borrowed for 1 week.


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New Issue of Family Chronicle and Handbook for

Family Chronicle, Jan/Feb 2015, Vol. 19, No. 3

* "Strategies for Finding African American Ancestors Pre-1866" by Stuart Doyle, pgs. 13-17.

* "A Primer on the Russian Language and Names" by Matthew Bielawa, pgs. 31-35.

* "My Ancestor Was a Blacksmith" by Claire Gebben, pgs. 40-44.

* "Black Sheep, Loose Nuts, and Family Secrets" by Bill Leslie, pgs. 48-49.

Note: This magazine issue can be borrowed for 1 week.

Hendrickson, Nancy. Unofficial Guide to How to Find Your Family History on the #1 Genealogy Website. Cincinnati, Ohio : Family Tree Books, [2014].

Summary: This book will help you get the most out of your subscription by showing you how to take advantage of all the world's biggest genealogy website has to offer--and how to find answers to your family tree questions within its 14 billion records, 60 million family tree and 32,000 databases.

Note: This book can be borrowed for 3 weeks.


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Latest Issue of SGS' Bulletin

SGS Bulletin, December 2014, Vol. 45, No. 3

* "Editor's Notes" by Linda Dunsmore-Porter, pgs. 6-7 and 16-17. Note: Linda is stepping down as the Executive Director of the Saskatchewan Genealogical Society at the end of 2014. Her column provides insight on what the future of the SGS will be in the upcoming year as it undergoes a period of review.

* "Zichydorf Village Association" by Glenn Schwartz, pgs. 34-36.

* "Ever-Changing Geography of Central and Eastern Europe" by Gary Mokotoff, pgs. 40-48.

Note: This issue can be borrowed for 1 week.


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PHR Magazines for December 2014

Folklore, Autumn 2014, Vol. 35, No. 4

* "Cream Cans" by Yvonne Peterson, pgs. 6-10.

* "The Upper Room" by Victor Carl Friesen, pgs. 14-16.

* "Letter Edged in Black" by Judy Revoy, pgs. 20-22.

Internet Genealogy, December/January 2015, Vol. 9, No. 5

* "Passing Ancestral Judgment, via the Irish Petty Session Court Registers" by Joe Grandinetti, pgs. 6-10.

* "7 Low-Cost or Free Mobile Scanning Applications" by Tony Bandy, pgs. 13-18.

* "Fishin' Holes, Fairways, and Footballs: Your Ancestors' Sports" by David A. Norris, pgs. 31-34.

* "Staying Focused in Six Steps" by Carol Richey, pgs. 49-52.

Manitoba History, Fall 2014, No. 76

* "Moving South: The Other Jewish Winnipeg Before the Second World War" by Daniel Stone, pgs. 2-10.

* "Bayanihan and Belonging: Filipinos in Manitoba" by Alison Marshall, pgs. 11-18.

* "The Making of a Memorial", pgs. 23-30.

* "Zepherin Laporte: The 'Forest Gump' of Red River" by Tom LaPorte, pgs. 34-37.

NGS Magazine, October-December 2014, Vol. 40, No. 4

* "Research Roads Leading to St. Charles, Missouri" by Janet Powell, pgs. 10-14.

* "The Sociology of Cemeteries" by Helen. A. Shaw, pgs. 15-19.

* "Inside Emigrant Guides" by Julie Miller, pgs. 20-25.

* "Finding Unexpected Genealogy Gems" by Kathy Petlewski, pgs. 41-44.

Note: These issues can be borrowed for 1 week.


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PHR Magazines for November 2014

Families, November 2014, Vol. 53, No. 4

* "Researching the Fallen First World War Soldiers Enshrined on the Camlachie Cenotaph, Ontario" by Alan Campbell, pgs. 7-10.

* "Samuel Fish--Finding His Story in Obscure and Unindexed Records" by Steve Marshall, pgs. 18-23.

* "The Search for Sloan and Gibson Ancestors" by Alan E. Richards, pgs. 30-32.

Family Chronicle, Nov/Dec 2014, Vol. 19, No. 2

* "Immersion Genealogy" by Lisa A. Alzo, pgs. 13-15.

* "Belarus--It's Complicated" by Sandy Hack, pgs. 16-22,

* "Ten Hidden Sources You Might Be Missing" by Lisa A. Alzo, pgs. 34-38.

* "Finding Lost Boys" by Claire Jordan, pgs. 46-49.

Relatively Speaking, November 2014, Vol. 42, No. 4

* "Uncle Art's War" by Marilyn Lappi, pgs. 137-142.

* "Banff-Castle Mountain Internment Camp, WWI" by Lesley O'Neil, pg. 153.

* "Two Who Never Returned" by Marilyn M. Astle and Roger Blinko, pgs. 156-162.

Revue Historique, Automne 2014, Vol. 25, No. 1

* "La crise de la conscription: Le Canada française et la Grande Guerre" par Mélanie Lemire, pgs. 6-10.

* "Les pilotes de l'air canadiens et la Grande Guerre" par Laurier Gareau, pgs. 12-13.

* "Cantal et la Grande Guerre: L'histoire d'une photo" par Laurier Gareau, pgs. 14-22.

* ˂˂Tu ne tueras point˃˃: Les accomodements raisonnables à l'ère de la Première Guerre mondiale" par Sylvie Brassard, pgs. 24-32.


Note: These magazine issues can be borrowed for 1 week.


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New Magazines for November 2014

National Genealogical Society Quarterly, Vol. 102, No. 3, September 2014

* "Goggins and Goggans of South Carolina: DNA Helps Document the basis of an Emancipated Family's Surname" by Morna Lahnice Hollister, pgs. 165-176.

* "Finding a Father for Isaac Young, A Virginia Native in California" by Shirley Langdon Wilcox, pgs. 177-188.

* "Captain George Markham's Militia Company: Virginia Not Connecticut" by Craig Roberts Scott, pgs. 201-230.

Saskatchewan History, Fall/Winter 2014, Vol. 66, No. 2

* "Oh, Oh, Oh, It's a Lovely War! One Nurse's Story" by Myrna Williams, pgs. 6-10.

* "The Star-Shaped Scar: Wartime Memories of Billy Hayes" by Peggy Hayes Looby, pgs. 12-13

* "Changing Perceptions: Great war Posters 1914-1918" by Jaimie Fedorak, pgs. 28-33.

* "'Terrible in the Telling': Excerpts From J. S. Wood's World War I Log" by Ruth Millar, pgs. 40-47.

These issues can be borrowed for 1 week.


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New Magazine Issues for October 2014

Alberta History, Autumn 2014, Vol. 62, No. 4

* "The Second Raymond Sugar Factory: U&I Sugar's Canadian Venture, 1925-31" by Charles L. Schmalz, pgs. 2-9.

* "The Battle At Three Ponds--Three Versions" edited by Hugh A. Dempsey, pgs. 10-17.

* "Reminiscences of an English Boy in Canada, part three" by Arthur William Turner, pgs. 18-27.

Note: Issue also contains the October edition of "History Now", the newsletter for The Historical Society of Alberta.

Worth, Fall 2014, Vol. 26, No. 3

* "Tornado versus Library" by Keith Foster, pgs. 10-11. Note: the article focuses on the original Carnegie building of the Regina Public Library which first opened its doors on May 11, 1912. The Carnegie building was eventually torn down to make room for the now existing Central Library.

* "Museum Has 31 Buildings and More than 150 Pieces of Vintage Farm Machinery" by Joe Ralko, pgs. 12-14.

* "Almost a Goner! The Historic Landmark Known as Polish Church" by Lenore Swystun, pgs. 15-16. Note: the article is about the Holy Trinity Roman Catholic Church near Redberry Lake, which is located 80 km northwest of Saskatoon.


Note: These magazine issues can be borrowed for 1 week.


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New PHR Magazines for October 2014

Family Chronicle, Sept/Oct 2014, Vol. 19, No. 1

* "Searching for Joseph Ernest goddard" by Barry Forbes, pgs. 6-10.

* "Making Connections in 5 Steps" by Carol Richey, pgs. 20-23.

* "The English in Canada" by Ed Storey, pgs. 31-35.

Internet Genealogy, Oct/Nov 2014, Vol. 9, No. 4

* "Finding Your Dutch Ancestors Online" by Yvette Hoitink, pgs. 6-11.

* "Genealogy on the Go: The Fall 2014 Roundup of Apps for Your Mobile Research!" by Tony Bandy, pgs. 13-17.

* "One Man Bands--Playing Another Genealogical Tune" by Karen Evans, pgs. 31-33. Note: Article looks at websites such as The Coalmining History Resource Centre And Peter Higginbotham's Workhouses site that helps to provide context for genealogical research.

* "Deciphering Old Script" by Carol Richey, pgs. 34-37.

These issues can be borrowed for 1 week.


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New Magazines

NGS Magazine, July-September 2014, Vol. 40, No. 3

* "No Federal Pension File for a Pennsylvania Revolutionary War Soldier?" by Sharon Cook MacInnes, pgs. 21-28.

* "Just How Vital Were Those Vital Records?" by Kathy Petlewski, pgs. 44-47.

* "Rich, Poor, and All the Rest: Why Class Matters to Genealogists" by Stefani Evans, pgs. 48-53.

SGS Bulletin, August 2014, Vol. 45, No. 2

* "Researching Men & Women Who Served in World War I" by Rae W. Chamberlain, pgs. 8-20.

* "Somewhere in Saskatchewan" by Beverley Gutenberg, pgs. 21-24.

Note: These issues can be borrowed for 1 week.


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New Magazines for August 2014

Families, August 2014, Vol. 53, No. 3

* "For Mom: With Love and Memories" by Marianne Perry, pgs. 6-11, and 32.

* "The Petawawa Plains Land Clearances" by Robb. Gorr, pgs. 17-20.

* "How a Toronto Bookbindery Girl Named Lizzie Wyllie Became a National News Headline in 1892" by Richard Deuel, pgs. 22-28.

Note: Issue contains the August issue of "Newsleaf", a supplement to the magazine.

Internet Genealogy, Aug/Sept 2014, Vol. 9, No. 3

* "Top Genealogy Blogs: 2014 Edition" by Tony Brandy, pgs. 12-17.

* "How to Get Your Teen Involved in Genealogy" by Kellie Jensen, pgs. 25-26.

Manitoba History, Summer 2014, No. 75

* "A Tale of Two Houses: the Rise and Demise of the Legislative Council of Manitoba, 1871-1876" by Major David Grebstad, pgs. 2-12.

* "Midwives in the Mennonite West Reserve of Manitoba, 1881-1900" by Conrad Stoesz, pgs. 13-24.

* "Victoria Beach and the Cottage Experience: Early Years and Beyond" by Sheila Grover and Greg Thomas, pgs. 29-37.

* "Not All Down Hill From There: The Shoal Lake Aqueduct and the Greater Winnipeg Water District" by David A. Ennis, pgs. 28-44.

* "Probing an Online Index at Familysearch" by Smiljka Kitanovic, pgs. 36-40.

National Genealogical Society Quarterly, Vol. 102, No. 2, June 2014

* "Why and How did Philippina Kicherer Immigrate to Jefferson County, Pennsylvania?" by Judy Kellar Fox, pgs 85-92.

* "Using Networks to Backtrack the Migration and Identify the Parents of Jacob Wynkoop of Morgan County, Ohio, pgs. 111-127.

* "Testing the FAN Principle Against DNA: Ziphy (Watts) Price Cooksey Cooksey of Georgia and Mississippi" by Elizabeth Shown Mills, pgs. 129-152.


Note: These magazine issues can be borrowed for 1 week.

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