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New Magazine Issues for the End of March

Folklore, Spring 2012, Vol. 33, No. 2

* "Effects on Rural Saskatchewan Families in the Second World War Era" by Dylan Pollon, pgs. 8-10.

* "Shattered Lives: The Shell Lake Massacre" by Crystal Schindel, pgs. 16-18.

* "Hungarians in the West: a Brief History of the Kaposvar Colony in Saskatchewan" by Dale Nagy, pgs. 25-27.

* "Weyburn Mental Hospital: The Rise and Fall of a Saskatchewan Landmark" by Blaine Pauls, pgs. 31-33.

Relatively Speaking, February 2012, Vol. 40, No. 1

* "Searching for Charlotte" by Marilyn Lappi, pgs. 11-13.

* "The Search for Pocahontas" by Rob Milson, pgs. 15-18.

* "Family Treasures--A Birthday Book Holds Unique Revelations" by Marilyn Hindmarch, pgs. 19-23.


Worth, Spring 2012, Vol. 24, No. 1

* "3D Model Saskatchewan", pg. 6

* "Yorkton Flour Mill" by Murray G. Miller. pgs. 8-9

* "Prince Albert Main Street Program: More Than 7 Blocks" by Joe Ralko, pgs 14-18.

Note: These issues can be borrowed for 1 week. Back issues of most Prairie History Room magazines are kept in the shelf behind the current issue and can also be borrowed for a 1 week loan period.

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