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Upcoming RPL Program of interest: The Memory Project Presents Captain Sheldon Maerz

The Prairie History Room is pleased to present the following program:

The Memory Project connects active service members and veterans with speaking engagements in their community. Join us as Captain Sheldon Maerz discusses the services offered by the Canadian Forces to address Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and describes his experiences serving in Afghanistan and the former Yugoslavia. Please per-register at phr@reginalibrary.ca or call 306.777.6039.


Tales of our Prairie Country...as told by Z.M. Hamilton

Recently, Jim S of Regina donated an old booklet called "Tales of our Prairie Country...as told by Z.M. Hamilton." The booklet contains a number of radio scripts about various events which took place in this neck of the Northwest Territories. They were originally broadcast on CHWC, an early radio station, and were published by the R.H. Williams & Sons Company, the department store (they actually owned the radio station). As the item is pretty fragile, it currently resides in the Prairie History office; perhaps, in future, we will be able to digitize it to make it more readily available.

We would like to thank Jim again for donating this intriguing item to the Prairie History Room.


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New Book on the History of Muslims in Regina

Canada is a nation of immigrants and in recent years has welcomed many newcomers from a kaleidoscope of nations, many in the developing world; however, this has created a void in the Prairie History Room collection, which has tended to focus on settlers from Europe and the United Kingdom. As a result, PHR was pleased to receive a copy of the following: “History of the Muslims of Regina, Saskatchewan, and Their Organizations: Islamic Association, Canadian Council of Muslim Women, Muslims for Peace and Justice” by Naiyer Habib & Mahlaqa Naushaba Habib.

The book is sub-titled “A Cultural Integration” and was donated to the library by the authors. Dr. Habib was a respected cardiologist who worked in Saskatchewan from 1973 to 2004, while Mrs. Habib holds a Master’s degree in Political Science.

From the back cover:

Canada is home to immigrants from many cultures. Unlike times past, when newcomers from a foreign country seemed to want to blend in with their new culture as soon as possible, more recent immigrants want to become a part of their new home but retain some of the elements of their native cultures. This is a task that is often easier to talk about than to accomplish.

History of the Muslims of Regina, Saskatchewan, and Their Organizations: Islamic Association, CCMW and MPJ represents the struggle and success of authors and editors Naiyer Habib and Mahlaqa Naushaba Habib. When they immigrated to Canada in 1973, they wanted to preserve their culture and religion for themselves as well as for future Muslim generations. The Culture in their new home was much different than theirs. It was the time when literature on Islam or Islamic culture was hard to find in English, so it was difficult for their new neighbors to learn about them. Through Islamic organizations begun by the Habibs and others in the Muslim community, whose stories are shared in this book, they introduced Islam and Muslims to Regina, while still holding on to their culture, but integrating with society at large.

History of the Muslims of Regina, Saskatchewan, and Their Organizations: Islamic Association, CCMW and MPJ demonstrate it is not always easy to incorporate a familiar culture in a new home. But with hard work and willingness of all cultures involved to learn from each other, it can be done successfully.

The Prairie History Room is pleased to add this book to our collection.


Upcoming RPL Program of interest: Red-Booting Around: A Walking Tour of Regina’s Ukrainian Stories

Patrons interested in the history of 11th Avenue may wish to participate in our upcoming walking tour: Red-Booting Around: A Walking Tour of Regina’s Ukrainian Stories, Thurday, August 25th:

Join us for a tour of historic sites connected with Regina's Ukrainian community; meet up at 5:30 pm at the Ukrainian Co-op on the corner of 11th Ave. and Winnipeg St. Walk will commence at 6 pm and runs rain or shine. Presented by the Prairie History Room in partnership with the Saskatchewan Writers' Guild and the Ukrainian community.

Major stops are St. Basil's Church and the UNF Hall.

For more information about this event, please contact Warren at phr@reginalibrary.ca or call 306.777.6039.


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Upcoming RPL Program of interest: The Willow Tree, presented by Anna Mare Willey

In honour of the Royal Canadian Air Force, the Prairie History Room is pleased to present the following program:

The Willow Tree -- presented by Anna Marie Willey

This heartfelt musical video montage features seven original songs
together with historical images which were discovered in an RCAF
member’s kitbags, and unpacked by his daughter nearly seventy years
after his return from service. “The Willow Tree” portrays a story
from his enlistment to his return home – a journey thousands of others
also experienced as they served their country with great courage
during World War II.

Tuesday, August 16th, 7-8:00 pm
Film Theatre, Central Library

Pre-register at phr@reginalibrary.ca or by calling 306.777.6039.

Perhaps it is!


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New PHR Magazines

Internet Genealogy August/September 2016
Featured Articles:
Researching Northern Ireland by Kevin Cassidy
Tippling and Temperance in the Family by David A. Norris
Create Your Own Online Family Archive by Tony Bandy

History Now: The Membership Newsletter of the Historic Society of Alberta
Featured Articles:
History of Coal Mining in Alberta by Belinda Crowson
A Woman's Life at Dunvegan Post 1806

Alberta History Summer 2016, Vol. 64 No. 3
Charles S. Noble and the World's Wheat Title in 1916 by Carlton Stewart
The Iron Stone by Kenneth Favrholdt
William Booth's Dream of an Alberta Oversea Colony


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Upcoming RPL Program of interest: Diamond Girls: Diamonds in the Rough.

The following program will be of interest to Prairie History Room patrons, especially those who are sports-minded:

Diamond Girls: Diamonds in the Rough
Monday, July 4th,
Central Library, 7:00 pm

Saskatchewan author and playwright Maureen Ulrich found writing a one-act, one-woman show about the rise and fall of a baseball league a challenge, especially when eighteen players plus officials, are required to play an actual game. "Diamond Girls" focuses on the involvement of three Saskatchewan women in the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League during the 1940’s. Maureen's presentation will touch on the research, script development, and production of "Diamond Girls" – from page to stage. Please pre-register at phr@reginalibrary.ca or call 306.777.6039.

Diamond Girls will be appearing at the Regina Fringe Festival and also appears on the front page of the current Prairie Dog magazine.


Heritage Regina Summer Walks

This summer, Heritage Regina is working in partnership with the Prairie History Room in presenting historic walks designed to explore Regina's storied history. All walks take place Sunday evenings, beginning at 6:00 pm, and tour various neighborhoods around the city.

Here is the schedule:

Sunday, July 3 at 6 p.m.: In the eye of the Tornado
Meet guide Robin Adeney at the Victoria Park cenotaph and explore the path of the 1912 cyclone and its impact on Regina’s downtown.

Sunday, July 10 at 6 p.m.: Germantown: The other Regina
Meet guide Warren James at the Central Fire Hall on 11th Avenue for a walk through the area of Regina originally settled by continental Europeans.

Sunday, July 17, at 6 p.m.: Wascana Lake and its sporting and political history
Meet guide Will Chabun at the parking lot at the Wascana Marina off Broad Street.

Sunday, July 24 at 6 p.m.: Mounties versus Trekkers: The 1935 Regina Riot
Meet guide Bill Brennan in Victoria Park, corner of Scarth Street and Victoria Avenue, and learn about this controversial event in Depression-era Regina.

Sunday, August 7 at 6 p.m.: The Warehouse District
Meet guide Robert Hubick at 1275 Broad Street (the Brownstone Plaza) and learn about the businesses and families in this district in early 20th century Regina.

Sunday, August 14 at 6 p.m.: Old Lakeview
Meet guide Jackie Schmidt on the steps of the Legislative Building and learn about the early development of this neighborhood.

Sunday, August 21 at 6 p.m.: Government House and the McNab Neighbourhood
Meet guide Amanda Girardin at the McNab Historic Marker across from 90 Empress Drive.

Sunday, August 28 at 6 p.m.: Historic Centre of Cathedral Neighbourhood
Meet guide Susan Birley in front of 3124 Victoria Avenue for a tour of historic buildings in the centre of the Cathedral neighbourhood.

All walks last approximately two hours.

For more information, please contact the Prairie History Room at phr@reginalibrary.ca or call 306.777.6039.

Hope you can join us.


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Upcoming RPL Program of interest: Remembering the Somme, 1916-2016

The Prairie History Room is sponsoring the following upcoming Great War program:

Remembering the Somme, 1916-2016

On the centenary of this historic campaign, Dr. Ian Germani from the University of Regina will review how both public perceptions and historical interpretations of The Battle of the Somme have changed during the past 100 years.

Sponsored by the Prairie History Room. To register, please visit ReginaLibrary.ca or call 306.777.6039.

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