How Do You Want to Celebrate the 150th Anniversary of Confederation?

Canada will be celebrating its 150th birthday in 2017. Shelly Glover, Minister of Canadian Heritage and Official Languages, is inviting Canadians, especially young Canadians, to have their say by completing an online questionnaire.

Quick Facts about Your Online Participation:

* The Government of Canada is holding roundtables this winter with individuals who are active in their communities and represent a wide range of organizations or groups from across the country.

* The online questionnaire consists of five key questions.

* The data collected will provide insight into the types of activities and projects that resonate most with Canadians and will help the government plan the celebrations.

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New Prairie History Books for April 2014

Anderson, A. Brenda, Wendee Kubik, and Mary Rucklos Hampton, editors. Torn From Our Midst: Voices of Grief, Healing and Action from the Missing Indigenous Women Conference, 2008. Regina, [SK]: Canadian Plains Research Center, 2010.

Summary: [This book] includes images and voices from the conference, together with additional reflections, both academic and personal, on the effects of violence and the possibilities for healing. The purpose of this volume is to raise awareness about missing and murdered women and to challenge communities to be courageous enough to look at the heart of this issue, to recognize the systems that allow such atrocities, and to seek justice and healing for all.

Millar, Ruth. Turning the Pages: 100 Years at the Saskatoon Public Library. Regina, Saskatchewan: Coteau Books, 2013.

Summary: Floods, fires, boardroom battles, clashes with City Hall, strikes, bold art robberies, outraged and belligerent patrons- Saskatoon Public Library's history is suffused with drama. Pilfering and mutilation of materials, stalkers and flashers, animals at large on the premises, theft of computer equipment, and a covered-up dispute that sent its chief librarian fleeing into obscurity – all appear in these pages. Set these stormy incidents against a historical matrix of two world wars, a major Depression, world-wide epidemics, and a revolution in technology, and the colourful pageantry of the library history emerges.

SHNB 2013 Centennial Celebration Committee. Century of Caring. Saskatchewan Hospital North Battleford 1913 - 2013. Honouring the Memory of the First 100 years. Ultra Print, 2013.

Summary: Book commemorates the 100th anniversary for the Saskatchewan Hospital in North Battleford, Saskatchewan.


April 6: Celebrate the 65th anniversary of the Western Development Museum

For those of you are looking for things to do on the weekend, you might want to check out your nearest Western Development Museum which will be celebrating its 65th anniversary this year!

According to their latest PSA, if you are celebrating your 65th birthday in 2014, the museum will give you free admission on your birth date, as well as a birthday present from the Museum! On April 6, 2014 (the Sunday after the actual anniversary date of April 2), admission to the four WDMs will be only 65 cents. WDA has many achievements to celebrate and so much to look forward to.

Definitely worth checking them out!


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New Genealogy Reference Books - March 2014

Bentley, Elizabeth Petty. County Courthouse Book. 3rd Edition. Baltimore, MD: Genealogical Pub. Co., c2009.

Summary: This is a complete overhaul of the 1990 classic, featuring updated coverage of 3,125 county jurisdictions and 1,577 New England towns and independent Virginia cities, details of the 18 Vermont probate districts, 9 Massachusetts districts, and 12 Connecticut judicial districts, plus informative state profiles and cross-references to name changes and extinct towns and counties. Based on her written survey of county courthouses and other jurisdictions, Mrs. Bentley here presents the names, addresses, phone numbers, and dates of organization of all county courthouses, and for those that responded (65 percent), a concise summary of record holdings, personnel, and services. Besides its obvious genealogical uses, the County Courthouse Book can also be used for land title searches, legal investigations, questions of property rights and inheritance, and indeed for personal searches and investigations of all kinds.

Jacobson, Judy. History for Genealogists: Using Chronological Time Lines to Find and Understand Your Ancestors. Baltimore, MD: Clearfield, c2009.

Summary: Accomplished author Judy Jacobson dissects our ancestors' lives into scores of historical time lines that are guaranteed to answer fundamental questions and provide new clues about your family history.

Punch, Terrence M. North America's Maritime Funnel: The Ships that Brought the Irish, 1749-1852. Baltimore, MD: Genealogical Publishing Company, [2012].

Summary:...there is documentation on about 1,050 voyages between Ireland and the Maritimes, and in this book Mr. Punch provides a chronological list of the voyages, gives the names of the vessels, their port and date of departure as well as their port of arrival, indicates the number of passengers and sometimes their names and destination, and adds a great variety of information concerning passengers and crew and the voyages themselves.

Reaman, G. Elmore. The Trail of the Huguenots in Europe, the United States, South Africa and Canada. Baltimore, MD: Genealogical Pub. Co., 1972, c1963.

Summary: [The book] traces their migrations through Europe and across the Atlantic to Canada and the United States, providing startling insights into the origins of many of our earliest colonial settlers. Over half of the book is devoted to the Huguenots and their direct descendants in Canada and the United States, dealing with those who settled in North and South Carolina, Virginia, Pennsylvania, New York, and New England. An Appendix has the names of hundreds of Huguenot immigrants with dates and places of their arrival; there are short biographical sketches with genealogical data, a list of English surnames of French derivation, additions and corrections by Milton Rubincam, and an index of names and places other than those mentioned in the genealogies and appendices.


Upcoming March Meeting of the Regina Branch of SGS

Don't forget to attend the monthly meeting of the Regina branch of the Saskatchewan Genealogical Society (SGS), which will be held on TUESDAY, March 25, 2014 at the SGS Library located 110-1514 11th Avenue.

The meeting starts at 7:00 pm with the typical member sharing and updates followed by a monthly program. This month's program is titled One Family's War - Rollie Bourassa. Rollie Bourassa will tell the story of his father, a volunteer soldier in WW II. In 1941, Private Clarence Ovilla Bourassa left a wife and two children in Lafleche Saskatchewan to join the Canadian Army fighting WW II in Europe. He died in battle in France July 20 1944 and is buried in a war cemetery nearby. The Bourassa family collected the letters Clarence sent home, and Rollie edited a book entitled One Family's War, published by the University of Regina Press in 2010. In 2013, 14 members of the Bourassa family travelled to France to visit battlegrounds where Clarence served, such as Dieppe and Juno Beach, and were able to visit Clarence Bourassa's grave.

For more information about the meeting, please contact the Regina branch at sgsregina@gmail.com. For information about the Regina branch, check out their website.

Note: The general public is invited to attend 2 monthly meetings before being asked to join the branch.

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New Prairie History Books

Batt, Bruce. The Marsh Keepers Journey: the Story of Ducks Unlimited Canada. [Stonewall, Manitoba] : Ducks Unlimited Canada, [2012].

Summary: Amid the vast landscapes and full skies that make Canada famous, there is a fascinating story of wetland conservation at work. It’s the story of Ducks Unlimited Canada (DUC) – and it’s been 75 historic years in the making. In 2013, DUC will celebrate its diamond anniversary as Canada’s conservation leader for 75 years. In a special commemorative book, DUC’s unique story has been chronicled by Bruce Batt, one of the world’s best known practitioners in the field of waterfowl biology. This 272-page, fully illustrated book is more than a historical account of the organization’s growth; it’s a captivating look at the passion of generations of conservationists, the “Marsh Keepers” who have been a critical part of DUC’s legacy. It is full of truly amazing accounts of science and survival, research and results, problem solving, people, partnerships and conservation excellence.

Bonifacio, Glenda Tibe. Pinay on the Prairies: Filipino Women and Transnational Identities. Vancouver, BC: UBC Press, 2013.

Summary: For many Filipinos, one word -- kumusta, how are you -- is all it takes to forge a connection with a stranger anywhere in the world. In Canada's prairie provinces, this connection has inspired community building, and created both national and transnational identities for the women who identify as Pinay. This book is the first to look beyond traditional metropolitan hubs of settlement to explore the migration of Filipino women in Alberta, Manitoba, and Saskatchewan. Based on interviews with first-generation immigrant Filipino women and temporary foreign workers, this book explores how the shared experience of migration forms the basis for new identities, communities, transnational ties, and multiple levels of belonging in Canada. It also considers the complex cultural, economic, and political factors that motivate Filipino women to leave their country and family in search of better opportunities in a strange land and the welcome that awaits them in Canada, where multiculturalism plays a large role.

Houston, C. Stuart and Merle Massie. 36 Steps on the Road to Medicare: How Saskatchewan Led the Way. Montreal, QC: McGill-Queen's University Press, 2013.

Summary: The co-operative spirit of citizens in twentieth-century Saskatchewan nurtured innovation in health care and health policy. 36 Steps on the Road to Medicare showcases the decisions that led to the province's medicare system - the forerunner of Canadian health care. Stuart Houston and Merle Massie document the range of Saskatchewan leadership on Canadian, North American, and world stages: municipal doctors and municipal hospitals, the first Red Cross Outpost Hospital in the British Empire, tuberculosis diagnosis and treatment, a successful pilot comprehensive regional health care plan, government-sponsored cancer clinics, innovative LSD and patient-oriented treatment for psychoses, the first full-time cancer physicist in Canada, and the world's first concerted clinical use of the betatron and Cobalt-60 in cancer treatment. They show how North America's first social-democratic government, the Co-operative Commonwealth Federation - elected in 1944 and led by the incomparable Tommy Douglas - created the blueprint for comprehensive health care and how sequential steps on the road to medicare were implemented quickly and within budget.


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Call for Judges for Upcoming Youth Heritage Fairs

Do you want to be a part of an exciting, innovative youth program that links kids with heritage? Heritage Saskatchewan is seeking judges for Regional Heritage Fair in Regina on Thursday, May 1, 2014 at the First Nations University of Canada.

If you are interested in judging, please contact Clayton Murray at c.murray@rcsd.ca with your first and last name as well as whether you can judge in English or French. The orientation for judges begins at 8:30am. Judging takes place from 9:00am - 11:00am and lunch is served for volunteer judges at 11:00am.

For more information about the heritage fairs, check out the Heritage Saskatchewan's website. Not sure if you are qualified to serve as a judge, check out the judging rubric.


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New Genealogy Manuals to Borrow from RPL

The following new genealogy books can be borrowed for a 3 week loan period.

Carroll, Cornelius. The Beginner's Guide to Using Tax Lists. Baltimore, MD: Clearfield Co., 2002, c1996.

Summary: Tax lists are one of our most valuable, if often neglected, sources of genealogical information. Tax lists can refer to personal property tax lists, tithables, poll lists, land tax lists, and rent rolls...At the outset the author differentiates between tax lists, quit rents, tithables, militia lists, censuses, and similar records and the laws that applied to them. Then, by focusing on the tax lists of Virginia, North Carolina, Kentucky and Tennessee, he demonstrates how tax lists can be used for determining parentage, birth and death dates, indentured servitude, slavery, manumission, and racial status. They can be used, in conjunction with other records to help determine the parentage of a female, the date of a marriage, migration routes, and the accuracy of family traditions.

Goethals, Jozef J. and Karel Denys. Searching for Flemish (Belgian) Ancestors. Baltimore, MD: Clearfield, 2007.

Summary: Chapter One focuses on Flemish-American genealogical organizations, such as the Genealogical Society of Flemish Americans (GFSA). As the author points out, many Belgian records have been microfilmed by the LDS Church or are available on the Internet. Chapters Two and Three are devoted to the all-important vital records of the Civil Registry (1796-1900) and Flemish parish registers (1600-1796). Mr. Goethals translates sample records from each category into English from the original Flemish, French, and Latin. The final chapter discusses other types of records, such as court records (schepenenbank), orphan records (weezerie), tax lists (penningskohieren), and citizenship records (poorters en buiten-poorters).Buttressing the text itself are a number of useful appendices, including a brief course on Flemish names and naming practices and a crucial glossary of Flemish, French, and Latin terms commonly used in Belgian genealogical documents.

Grannum, Guy. Tracing Your Caribbean Ancestors: a National Archives Guide. Revised Third Edition. London : A. & C. Black, 2012.

Summary: The National Archives [of Great Britain] holds records for many people who lived in British West Indian colonies such as emigrants, plantation owners, slaves, soldiers, sailors and transported criminals. The Archives also hold the colonial office records for the British West Indies. This includes state correspondence to and from the colonies and passenger lists. Tracing Your Caribbean Ancestors also shows readers how to use family history sources and genealogy websites and indexes beyond The National Archives. Fully updated and revised, this new edition covers recent developments in Caribbean archives, including details of newly released information and archives that are now available online.


Update to Regina's Family History Centre's Hours

Effective immediately, the Regina Family History Centre at 550 Sangster Blvd. will have new year-round hours of operation:

Tuesdays: 6:30 PM - 9:00 PM
All other hours: by appointment

Closures: Tuesday July 1, 2014; Tuesday November 11, 2014; Tuesday December 16, 2014 – Monday January 5, 2015.

The library will close at 8:00 PM on Tuesday evenings if no patrons have arrived by that time.

If you would like to make an appointment to use the Family History Centre at times other than Tuesday evenings, please send an email or call the Family History Centre at (306) 543-2782 to leave a message.


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New Genealogy Magazines for March

Family Chronicle, March/April 2014, Vol. 18, No. 4

* "'Dial G for Genealogy'" by David A. Norris, pgs. 13-17. Note: article explores how to use telephone numbers and city directories to fill in your family history gaps

* "Case Studies and Why You Should Read Them" by George C. Morgan, pgs. 21-24.

* "Canadians Exploring Their Jewish Roots" by Debra L. Doppelt Karplus, pgs. 41-44.

Relatively Speaking, February 2014, Vol. 42, No. 1

* "Ranch Romance" by Marilyn Lappi, pgs. 11-13.

* "Ghost Signs; Wall Dogs?" by Denish (Juchli) Daubert & Lesley (Dalrymple) O'Neil, pgs. 21-25.

* "Emily Gertrude Thomson--Artist" by Lesley (Dalrymple) O'Neil, pgs. 28-31.

Note: These issues can be borrowed for 1 week.

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