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April 23-26
Thursday/Saturday, 9-11 pm
Friday/Sunday, 7-9 pm
(USA/CANADA 2014, 109 min.) STC

Academy Award winner Francois Girard (The Red Violin) directs the moving story of Stet, a troubled 11-year-old boy struggling to join an elite group of world-class singers in his boarding school. No one expects this rebellious loner to excel, least of all the school’s relentlessly tough Choir Master Mr. Carvelle (Academy Award winner Dustin Hoffman) who is forced into a battle of wills to bring out the boy’s extraordinary musical gift. “Never missing a chance to show off his film’s lovely, often unexpectedly background, a beatific echo even in dialogue scenes. Hoffman’s performance has a sadness, an unexplained loneliness, which gives this slightly diffident piece a centre of sorts, and there’s a pleasing air of melancholy all round.” The Telegraph

Seymour: An Introduction


April 23-26
Thursday/Saturday, 7-9 pm
Friday/Sunday, 9-11 pm
(USA 2014, 84 min.) STC

Hawke’s documentary debut is a loving portrait of under-celebrated octogenarian composer and master pianist Seymour Bernstein, who gave up performing to teach music lessons. “Bernstein’s genial, unassuming presence is a statement unto itself. At one point, he delves into the way that person personality radiates from classical compositions, providing an amusing demonstration of the masculine overstatements found in Beethoven. Bernstein’s own subdued compositions (published over the decades) provide an elegant contrast. As the movie wanders through his anecdotes and freewheeling observations, capturing him in the process of meticulous instruction, “Seymour transforms into a manifesto on humility and nuance. Bernstain doesn’t just provide the movie with its topic but also its form: while Hawke uses no fancy trickery, his subject’s face and tender delivery become a fascinating object of scrutiny – and admiration.” Indiewire

Cairo Time


April 29
Wednesday, 7:00 pm
(2009, 90 min.) G

Juliette, a fashion magazine editor in her 50′s travels to Cairo to meet her husband, Mark, a UN official working in Gaza, for a three week vacation. When he is unavoidably delayed, he sends his friend Tareq, who had been his security officer for many years, to escort her through the beautiful and exotic city. The last thing anyone expects is that they will fall in love.

Superman IV: The Quest for Peace


April 28
Tuesday, 7:00 pm
(1987, 93 min.) PG

Jayden Pfeifer is a Regina-based improviser and comedian. He is the creator and host of the monthly comedy variety show Red Hot Riot, a core member of General Fools Improvisational Theatre, and has been nominated for four Canadian Comedy Awards. He also really loves movies, and talking.

Talkies is live commentary for less-than-excellent movies. The show features comedian and movie-lover Jayden Pfeifer, joyfully watching B-movies with an audience and commenting on their failings, plot-holes, performances and general eccentricities. Basically, we make fun of bad movies. It’s a lot of fun and free with a donation to the Regina Food Bank. Join us!