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Silent Retreat


July 24-27
Thursday/ Saturday, 9-11 pm
Friday/Sunday, 7-11 pm
(Canada 2014, 95 min.) 14A

Winner of Best Canadian Feature, Toronto After Dark Film Festival 2013! ” The rules are simple. No Talking, no phones, no music, no reading, no writing, no eye contact.” For her crime of assault, young Janey Andrews is sent to a silent meditation retreat in the middle of the woods. When she begins breaking the rules almost immediately on her arrival at the creepy rehab, Janey discovers that men who run it are brainwashing women to be quiet and submissive–and something else is lurking beyond the trees…

The Double

the double

July 24-27
Thursday/Saturday, 7-9 pm
Friday/Sunday, 9-11 pm
(UK 2014, 93 min.)

An existential nightmare ensues when invisibly meek office-drone Simon James (Jesse Eisenberg) meets his shameless and self-promoting doppelganger James Simon (Eisenberg) who has taken up his space, and hid life. “Such is the pitiless and very funny comedy of misfortune constructed by director Richard Ayoade and his co-writer Avi Korine. They have created an eccentric world with a keen sense of what passes for normal.” Minneapolis Star Tribune

The Appreticeship of Duddy Kravitz

the apprenticeship of duddy kravitz

July 23
Wednesday 6:45 pm
(121 minutes, 1974) 14A
Show starts at 6:45 pm.
Director: Ted Kotcheff

A young Jewish man in 1948 Montreal is driven by an insatiable desire to be a somebody, and stops at nothing to get there.