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April 26-27
Saturday, 9:00 pm
Sunday, 7:00 pm

(Germany/Australia 2012,108 min.) STC

In German with English subtitles

“In this stirring and evocative drama set just after the collapse of the Nazi regime, eldest sister Lore (Saskia Rosendahl) has to guide her siblings through Germany to survive. The problem is that they’re the children of an arrested SS officer who innocently subscribe to the Führer’s ideology. Cate Shortland’s daring sophomore feature (after 2004’s Somersault) is also a sensual coming-of-age tale; Lore’s sexual awakening comes to the fore in spite of her grim circumstances – or maybe because of them. With an eye for images that are both lush and foreboding, Shortland dives confidently into a moral minefield and doesn’t care about defusing the situation. She finds a game collaborator in Rosendahl, whose brave performance as a young Nazi without bearings is heartbreaking and haunting.” Now Magazine

Finding Vivian Maier

finding vivian maier

April 24-27
Thursday/Saturday 7:00pm
Friday/Sunday 9:00pm

(USA 2014, 84 min.) PG

Vivian Maier’s photos were seemingly destined for obscurity, lost among the clutter of the countless objects she’d collected throughout her life. Instead these images have shaken the world of street photography and irrevocably changed the life of the man who brought them to the public eye. This film brings to life the interesting turns and travails of the improbable saga of John Maloof’s discovery of Vivian Maier, unraveling this mysterious tale through her documentary films, photographs, odd collections and personal accounts from the people who knew the enigmatic Vivian.

Hannah Arendt

hannah arendt

April 24, 25
Thursday, 9:00 pm
Friday, 7:00 pm

(Germany 2012,113 min.) PG

A daring film back by popular request, Hannah Arendt visualizes, through a dramatic setting, the important contributions of the German-Jewish philosopher and political theorist. “Can men really be trusted? This classic question is the subject of the opening dialogue in director Margarethe von Trotta’s new film …and revolves around a less classic question: Was Adolf Eichmann, the organizer of the “final solution of the Jewish question,” a monster or an efficient bureaucrat, a pathological creature or the embodiment of the banality of evil? Her theory of the “banality of evil” turned Arendt, a German Jew who became a college professor and distinguished author of philosophical works in the United States, into a controversial international figure in the early 1960s, more ostracized and hated than revered…Trotta has made an extremely vivid cinematic essay, thrilling in its every minute, deeply moving in its seriousness and suitably unsettling.” Spiegel Online International

Damsels in Distress


April 23
Wednesday, 7:00 pm

(99 minutes, 2012) PG
A trio of girls set out to change the male-dominated environment of the Seven Oaks college campus, and to rescue their fellow students from depression, grunge and low standards of every kind.

Art Rated Films: Jennifer Matotek introduces Gabriel and Agnes Martin: With My Back to the World


April 23
Wednesday, 9:00 pm

Jennifer Matotek, curator of ‘Who’s Afraid of Purple, Orange and Green?’, featured at Central Gallery from April 25 to June 20, introduces influential Saskatchewan-born painter, Agnes Martin’s rarely before seen 1974 feature length film, ‘Gabriel’. Following is Mary Lance’s stark and moving documentary ‘Agnes Martin: With My Back to the World’. Comprised largely of interviews with the artist and completed shortly before her death in 2004, the film provides a rare opportunity to hear the famously solitary artist speak about her life and work.

Art-Rated Films is an initiative in which Dunlop-exhibiting artists and curators introduce a film of their choosing. These films provide idiosyncratic insights into Dunlop exhibitions and artist practices, underscoring the critical relationship between the moving image and visual art.