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September 27
Tuesday, 7:00 pm
(1999, 90 min.) G
Free Admission with donation to the Regina Food Bank

Join us for live commentary on less-than-excellent movies, featuring Regina-based comedian and movie-lover Jayden Pfeifer.

Deep Web


September 28
Wednesday, 7:00 pm
(USA 2015, 90 min.) STC

Celebrate Right to Know Day!
Deep Web is the inside story of one of the most important and riveting digital crime sagas of the century — the arrest of Ross William Ulbricht, the convicted 30-year-old entrepreneur accused to be ‘Dread Pirate Roberts,’ creator and operator of online black market Silk Road. The film explores how the brightest minds and thought leaders behind the Deep Web are now in the crosshairs of the battle for control of a future inextricably linked to technology.

Point and Shoot


September 29 October 2
Thursday, 9:00 pm
Friday, 7:00 pm
Saturday, 9:00 pm
Sunday, 2:30 pm
(USA 2014, 83 min.) STC

Winner of the Best Documentary Award at the Tribeca Film Festival, Point and Shoot follows Matt VanDyke, a timid 26-year-old with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, who left home in Baltimore in 2006 and set off on a self-described “crash course in manhood.” He bought a motorcycle and a video camera and began a multi-year, 35,000-mile motorcycle trip through Northern Africa and the Middle East. While traveling, he struck up an unlikely friendship with a Libyan hippie, and when revolution broke out in Libya, Matt joined his friend in the fight against dictator Muammar Gaddafi.

Everyday Rebellion


September 29 October 2
Thursday, 7:00 pm
Friday, 9:00 pm
Saturday, 7:00 pm
Sunday, 7:00 pm

An impressionistic documentary essay as well as a web platform about non-violent forms of protest and civil disobedience in the 21st century, Everyday Rebellion features resistance supported by technology, seen not only through the current movements of the Arabian and Iranian uprising, but also through former successful and less successful revolts