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Canadian Parliament
Find out how parliament works and who makes Canada's laws. Look up your M.P by postal code!
See also Canadian Government


Ancient Egypt

Royal Ontario Museum
Facts, activities, a virtual tour of the museum's Egyptian gallery and the hieroglyphic alphabet.

British Museum
Includes details on Egyptian life, Gods and Goddesses, mummification, and more!

KidsClick! Egypt (Ancient)
A long list of links about Ancient Egypt, chosen especially for kids.

Ancient Rome

Roman Britain
Topics include the Roman Empire, the Roman Army, religion, technology, and leisure.

All things Roman: gods, emperors, maps, clothing, games, houses and more!


A Web site about Aztec civilization created by students in California.

Ancient Culture of Middle America
Includes videos, lists of books and ancient timelines.


Vikings: The North Atlantic Saga
A special exhibit, recreated voyage, activities and more of the Vikings and their journeys to North America. Try a Norse board game and learn Runic alphabets. The Viking Age
Fans of Vikings research and present all aspects of Viking life.

L'Anse aux Meadows
Canada's Viking settlement National Historic Park.

Knights, Castles and the Middle Ages

Castles of Britain
Love castles? This is the site for you. With sections on everything from bathing to dungeons, with a list of haunted castles and "Castle of the Month."

History of Medieval Britain
Follow the history of Medieval Britain from the time of Alfred the Great, through the Norman Conquest and up to the start of the Tudor Age.

Knights and Armour
On this Web site you will find information on the life of the medieval knight.

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