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The Library provides special services to people who are homebound and/or cannot read printed material. Outreach Services staff conduct consultations with patrons to determine both their needs and interests so they can then make recommendations as to the most appropriate items to borrow from the Library.

Outreach patrons can access any items from the Library collection (some restrictions may apply). Of special interest to Outreach patrons may be:

Descriptive videos and DVDs
Large Print books
Audio cassettes and CDs
Talking books (2 track cassettes)
Talking books on Daisy CDs
Plextalk Player

Walk-in Service
For patrons who have a reading disability, vision loss or physical disability, which prevents them from reading printed material. Patrons may visit the Outreach Services office in person, or have a family member, friend or volunteer pick-up their selections. After you have registered with the Outreach Unit we will send your selections to a Library branch for your convenience.

Homebound Service
For Regina residents who, for reason of ill health or disability, cannot visit the Library. This service is for those who are unable to leave their homes for a period of three months or longer.

Institutional & Private Care Home Service
Service is available to Regina residents for Care facilities, and seniors' homes. Outreach Services staff can provide a carefully selected collection of Library materials for use within the facilities that have registered for this service.

For more information, contact us during regular business hours Mon-Fri at 306-777-6019.