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3D Printer FAQs

Learn more about Regina Public Library's 3D printer by reading through the following FAQs.

How do I use the printer?

Begin by registering on our 3D Printing website. You will be required to undergo 3D Printer Training in how to use the printer, available at any of our branches.
Once you've taken our training, you can upload your print jobs using our 3D Printing Services website. Staff will review the details of the job and provide you with a cost estimate.
Once you approve the estimated cost your job will be approved, we will print the object to your specifications. You are able to check your job status any time using our 3D Printing interface. You will receive an email when you job is printed and also The final price will be calculated when the job is done and the payment will be processed.

How will I know when training is available at my branch?

All available training sessions will be listed on this website.

Who can use the 3D printer?

Patrons will require a valid library card and must attend a 3D Printer Training session at one of our branches. Children and teens under 15 years of age will require parental permission to proceed with a print job.

How much does it cost to print an object?

Printing costs $0.10 per gram, rounded to the nearest gram. We will provide you with an estimate for your job and will require your approval before proceeding.

Can I see my object being printed?

We will print all requested jobs using the 3D printer at Central Library. You are welcome to visit Central Library to watch the 3D printer work, however we can't guarantee when we will proceed with your project (we might be printing someone else's job first). You will receive an email when your print job is completed.

In what format should my printing be?

Currently we are accepting .stl files and/or links to digital files on Thingiverse. There are many different digital files that are used to store a 3D mesh (the 3D design which is ready to print), but our preferred file is an .stl file.

What is the maximum size of object I can have printed at the library?

The object or part thereof must fit within the confines of the build area in the printer. This varies and we will advise on an individual basis. Many times the restriction on size is a result of the time limit we have placed on print jobs, which is nine hours in total.

Are there any objects that I cannot print at the Library?

All print jobs are subject to staff approval and we reserve the right to deny any print job. We will not print keys, weapon components or copyright-restricted designs, or anything that isn't in keeping with our code of conduct.

What if my job fails to print?

There will be times when a submitted design will not work due to technical issues: The design isn't appropriate for the kind of printing process employed by the machine we have available. The design might have flaws which makes it impossible to print successfully.

We will do our best to identify these issues to you before moving forward with a print job. We may ask you for alterations to the design at any point. If the design will not produce a viable printed object, you will not be charged for the failed job, and we will retain the material used in the attempt.

Where will my object be printed?

We currently house the on-demand printer at the Central branch.

I am not sure what to print.  Any suggestions?

If you are interested in a ready-made design, we recommend checking out the collection of free designs on a website such as Thingiverse. Also the session before the printing will explain about various resources which are available for printing.

How many printers does the library have?

We currently have two Makerbot printers:  the Replicator (5th Generation). One will be available for patrons to print objects, and one will be used in RPL programming.

What material does the printer work with?

Our printers "print" (extrude) PLA plastic, a corn-based product. We usually have several colours of this plastic available.