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January 2022

Appointments to Regina Public Library's Board of Directors were confirmed in late December by the City of Regina. Welcome back to Chair Sean Quinlan, Vice Chair Marj Gavigan, Mayor Sandra Masters, Councillor John Findura, Starla Grebinski, Cindy Kobayashi, Olajumoke Oni, Phyllis Lerat, and Cheryl Zankl.

The Regina Public Library is established under the provisions of The Public Libraries Act, 1996. The general management, regulation, and control of the Library is vested in the Regina Public Library Board.

The Board consists of the Mayor, one City Councillor, and seven members of the public, appointed by City Council for two year terms. The Board meets regularly throughout the year to discuss the direction of the library.

All members of the public are welcome to attend board meetings. Click on the links below for more information.

Board Members

Sean Quinlan

Sandra Masters

John Findura

Phyllis Lerat

Marj Gavigan

Starla Grebinski

Olajumoke Oni

Cindy Kobayashi

Cheryl Zankl

Jeff Barber
Library Director & CEO


RPL Administration is responsible for the day-to-day operations at Regina Public Library.
Jeff Barber Library Director and CEO 306.777.6117
Gail Kruger Executive Director, Finance and Strategy 306.777.6060
Amber Christensen Executive Director, Central Library 306.777.6108
Kimberley Hintz Executive Director, Branch Services 306.777.6032
Nancy MacKenzie Executive Director, Customer Experience 306.777.6071
Kevin Saunderson Executive Director, Service Innovation 306.777.6222
Geoffrey Allen Director, Collections 306.777.6025
Millicent Mabi Director, Community Engagement and Programming 306.777.6002
Kate Scheurwater Director, Development 306.777.6106
Jeff Demitor Director, Digital Service Innovation 306.777.6073
Alyssa Fearon Director/Curator Dunlop Art Gallery 306.777.6045
Brian Klenk Director, Facilities Infrastructure and Services 306.777.6052
Robert Borges Director, Information Technology 306.777.6056
Colleen Hawkesford Director, Marketing and Communications 306.777.6015
Paula Hesselink Director, People and Culture 306.777.6059
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