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Central Library Renewal

Image of a mom and two kids reading together at central library

A central library is more than just a library.

It sits at the heart of a city and beats with the pulse of the people who live there. It represents the city’s character, peoples’ future hopes, and their community pride.

Central library buildings are more than just structures. They’re built to represent the community itself, and to offer a common place that unites us and creates something we can all be proud of. It’s one of few public buildings through which we can build and reinforce our identity – something that represents Regina and its citizens.

Update: March 10, 2021

Work on Central Library development slowed down in 2020.

We are now starting to pick up speed once again and continue to work with our Owner’s Representative on a needs assessment and project plan.

The next step in this plan is to gather public opinion about Central Library investment through random sample polling. The Owner’s Representative has contracted the services of a third party to conduct this polling in the next few weeks.

This research will be added to the needs assessment and project plan. Further engagement with the public will be announced as the project progresses. 

Background: Central Library Renewal 

RPL initiated a renewal of Central Library to ensure the people of Regina have a library that serves their needs and makes them proud – a building that enables us to provide quality programs and services far into the future.

We don’t know what the community will expect from its library in years to come, but we have to be ready to provide it. A renewed Central Library will instill confidence that whatever may come, we’ll be ready for it.

The RPL Board of Directors contracted the services of Colliers Project Leaders and KPMG to develop a needs assessment and project plan about the future of Central Library. This report will provide the Board with options on the renewal of Central.

Research for the needs assessment and project plan began with a community open house and public survey in February 2020. 

Work on the plan slowed when COVID became a serious issue in March 2020. 

Now we are back on track and ready to move forward. 

Visit our Central Library Development website to learn more. 



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