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Internet Access Policy

Regina Public Library provides Internet access to the public in support of its overall mission:

The Regina Public Library is a board governed, integrated cultural organization that exists to provide opportunities for discovery and learning in an inclusive, customer-centred, and safe environment.

Specifically, the RPL offers:

  • free and open access to resources,
  • community space where people and ideas meet,
  • programs and services that support reading, curiosity and discovery,
  • community opportunities that complement and strengthen the public library offering.

What We Provide

The Internet contains a wealth of information that can be personally, professionally and culturally enriching Because the Internet is an unregulated network of resources, it also enables access to information, opinions, and images that may be inaccurate, controversial or offensive. For this reason, and because sites on the Internet change often, rapidly and unpredictably, Regina Public Library is not responsible for the accuracy, currency or quality of any Internet resources found.

All clients, including children, are free to use all resources and facilities in the Regina Public Library. Parents or guardians are responsible for their children's use of the Internet. Staff can provide information to assist children and their parents in using the Internet in a safe and effective manner. Please ask us for information on "safe surfing".

Library staff can help you find answers to questions, but cannot provide in-depth or personal instruction on using the Internet. You are encouraged to consult books, magazines, videos and other Library resources that provide information on the Internet, in order to supplement the assistance that staff can provide. The Library may provide training sessions on the use of the Internet, as Library resources permit.

Regina Public Library does not provide electronic mail accounts, although you may access e-mail on Library workstations or accessing the Library's wireless internet using accounts provided through other service providers.

The Library provides access to workstations with privacy screens, to ensure that both your legal right to access information under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, and your privacy rights, are respected.

Your Responsibilities

The Regina Public Library requires that you use our Internet workstations or the Library's wireless internet in a responsible manner, respecting the rights of others, not invading the privacy of others, and not engaging in any activity that is harassing or defamatory. The Library is a public space that is shared by people of all ages and backgrounds. We strive to balance the rights of individuals to access a wide range of information resources with the right of staff and users to work in a public environment free from harassment. The Library may terminate an Internet session if sites are accessed, which are inappropriate for viewing in a public setting.

The Library specifically prohibits the use of its workstations or the Library's wireless internet for illegal, unethical or criminal purposes, or any purpose which may make the Library Board or any person liable for any civil or criminal charge. Civil law forbids the harassment or libeling or slandering of others. Criminal law forbids the display or dissemination of hate literature, child pornography, illicit drug literature, or obscene material. Any material tending to deprive any person of his or her rights or to expose any person to hatred or affronts to human dignity cannot be displayed or disseminated. The RPL Bylaw #1, Human Rights Legislation, and the Criminal Code are available in the Library for consultation. In using a Library Internet workstation or accessing the Library's wireless internet, you are responsible for:

  • any commercial transactions made through use of the Internet access workstation or the Library's wireless internet,
  • any direct or indirect damages that you suffer from your use of Internet services,
  • any damage you cause to the Library's computer equipment,
  • any losses or damages sustained by Regina Public Library as a result of your use of Internet access,
  • any infringement of copyright or software licenses that could result from the copying or distribution of materials found on the Internet.

In using a Library Internet workstation or accessing the Library's wireless internet, you agree to follow the Regina Public Library Internet Access Procedures.

Regina Public Library reserves the right to control the use of its computers and Internet access, to monitor use, and to review patterns of use of the Regina Public Library Internet access workstations or the Library's wireless internet in order to assess conformity with the standards described in this policy.

Subject to investigation and appeal, your library privileges can be suspended if you misuse the computer or the Internet access.

Investigation and Appeal Process

Customers who violate the Internet Access Policy may have action taken against them at the order of the Library Director as set out in article 17 of Bylaw Number One (June 18, 1996):

"17. If a customer contravenes any provision of this bylaw, the Library Director may:

(a) suspend or revoke the customer's borrowing privileges;
(b) prohibit the customer from entering the library facility for a specified period of time;
(c) initiate a prosecution under The Public Libraries Act, 1996; or
(d) call the police for assistance who may commence proceedings under the Criminal Code."

In the case of actions (a) and (b) customers will be notified by phone or letter. Customers may appeal the Director's decision by contacting the Director by letter or email:

Jeff Barber
Director, Regina Public Library
P.O. Box 2311
Regina, Saskatchewan S4P 3Z5
Phone: 306-777-6099
Fax: 306 949-7260

Should the Director's response to the appeal not be satisfactory, the customer may appeal in writing to the Regina Public Library Board. In the case of actions (c) and (d) customers will be notified, and proceedings will be carried out, as the law provides. 

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