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Hot Topics: Mommy Bullying


Join us monthly for exciting and relevant conversations about current events and red-hot issues led by guest speakers from the community. Topics will be announced one week in advance of the event.

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Mommy Bullying

This month's Hot Topics will feature a conversation about the many strategies involved in parenting and care giving. We will also talk about how social media can impact parents, and often in negative ways. Society has been known to cast a critical eye on the people doing the most important job: raising children. Moms can find themselves receiving a negative critiques (often from complete strangers, or even their extended family) on how they choose to parent their children.  These critiques can arise from stereotypes emerging from social media, celebrity culture, medical trends, from the community, etc.  This panel discussion will share the viewpoints of mothers and other experts from a variety of backgrounds as we discuss the impacts of Mommy Bullying and how we can overcome and celebrate our differences.

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Feb 12, 7:00pm


Film Theatre,

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Dunlop Art Gallery Programs