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The Art of Being a Contrarian Investor Q&A Session


New to stock investing? Got many questions and find no one to turn to? No problem! Join us for this wonderful opportunity to learn! Invest today, enjoy tomorrow!

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Based on popular demand and back with the Regina Public Library to answer your questions, RPL is delighted to welcome back Benj Gallander.  His April 29th presentation left many Regina residents wanting more - so we've arranged for him to rejoin us to answer questions collected from the April 29 session and answer new questions as well! Some of the sample questions include:

  • Can you give us some examples of contrarian stocks that worked well in the past year?
  • What are the key indicators or ratios you will look at when buying a stock for short-term and long-term gains?
  • How do you tell a stock has reached the bottom or peak?
  • How do you know a stock is overvalued or undervalued?
  • Growth rate and unit price, which matters more? Stocks like Google, Amazon, Shopify, Constellation Software are like thousands of dollars per unit, are they still worth buying?
  • What is a growth stock and how do you find them? What industries and sectors do you think will likely see a significant growth in the next 5-10 years?
  • Are Chinese EV (NIO and XPEV etc.) and tech stocks (BABA and TCEHY etc.) that plunged significantly this year still worth the risk to buy?
  • Where can you find reliable information for buying and selling stocks? Would you recommend Seeking Alpha and Simply Wall Street?
  • Do you have any good stock screening apps or websites to recommend?

This program is conducted through Zoom.  Register to receive a reminder, the evaluation and any resource materials or click the link to join:

Greed is what causes investors to chase a stock higher, while fear causes people to sell in panic. Benj will share the methodology, philosophy, and rules he uses to structure his contrarian investment approach. He’ll also answer questions from his previous talk at RPL, as well as new ones!

Join us for Benj’s talk on Sep 15, at 7:00 pm via Zoom. Direct Zoom login:

Benj Gallander is the Co-editor of Contra the Heard Investment Letter, columnist for The Globe and Mail, writer for Canadian MoneySaver and various publications in the United States.

Benj is also a contrarian investor and author of the bestseller, The Contrarian Investor's 13: How to Earn Superior Returns in the Stock Market. He does not believe in buying and holding until perpetuity, albeit he is a longer-term investor than most. He thinks that stop losses are idiotic, like playing cards with your hand open. He redefines conventional norms of the risk-reward relationship. He rarely buys a stock that does not have a chance of a minimum 100 per cent return, often much more. He remains unconcerned with the daily pulse of trading. This ability to dance against the herd has led to a twenty-year annualized return of 18.1 per cent.

Benj has travelled to about 35 countries and worked in many of them including Czechoslovakia, France, Israel and Nepal. He has criss-crossed Canada and is looking forward to landing in Regina one fine day.

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Sep 15 2021, 7:00pm


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