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Queer City Cinema / Performatorium - Late Bloom

with Think Fast Ensemble


This performance takes place September 17 9:00PM CST at Dunlop Art Gallery, as part of the Performatorium Festival of Queer Performance.

Additional Information

Late Bloom will create a space that conveys the importance of pleasure and self-exploration as it relates to the discovery of our own individual identities. The ‘late bloom’ that so many queer people experience, as those who so often diverge from the norm, leads towards ongoing explorations of pleasure. Late Bloom will incorporate pre-recorded electronic sounds and visuals to be played and projected during the performance. The live component will feature piano, synthesizer, and voice – the latter incorporating a blend of original spoken word and singing. A projection of digital art will merge finger painting, glitch art, hand-drawn animations, and imagery evocative of self-pleasure. Think Fast focuses largely on improvised art forms, and the explicit nature of exploring this topic on the spot is representative of the ensemble’s individual experiences relevant to an evolving queer ethos. Late Bloom will convey but a fragment of the wide range of sexual experiences that inform queer identity.

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Sep 17 2021, 9:00pm


Dunlop Central Gallery,

Event Type

Art and Creation


Performance, Dunlop Art Gallery, Art
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