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Lovesick / Homesick

Selections from the 2022 SWANA Film Festival
Films made by Southwest Asian and North African filmmakers, curated by Christina Hajjar. April 26 - July 17.

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Lovesick / Homesick

Selections from the 2022 SWANA Film Festival

Curated by Christina Hajjar

Engaging difficult histories through fiction, documentary, and experimental recontextualization, these short films grapple with archives and inconvenient truths. The films come from the SWANA (Southwest Asian and North African) region and its diasporas, invocating intergenerational memory to understand what was and what remains: the land, birthday parties, coffee grinds, talking face to (inter)face. Here, we bear witness to the aesthetics of love, nuances of the mundane, and life changing moments—tackling the entangled depths of longing.

Tallahassee, dir. Darine Hotait, 2021, USA, 20 mins

A Handful of Dates, dir. Hashim Hassan, 2020, Sudan, 12 mins

The Perfect Picture, dir. Hala El Kouch, 2020, Lebanon, 31 mins

Sira, dir. Rolla Tahir, 2018, Canada/Egypt, 6 mins Your Father Was Born 100 years Old, and So Was the Nakba, dir. Razan AlSalah, 2017, Palestine/Canada, 7 mins

Clench My Fists, dir. Sarah Trad, 2020, USA, 6 mins

Bitter with a Shy Taste of Sweetness, dir. Saif Alsaegh, 2019, USA, 9 mins

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2022, Jul 8 2022 - All day


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