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each of us, beloved

Guest curated by Sarah-Tai Black
This exhibition runs July 2 - September 25, 2022 at Dunlop Art Gallery (Sherwood Village Branch)

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With m. patchwork monoceros and Wit López

What might it look like to position and affirm oneself as adored?  To defy the ableist and white supremacist mapping of desirability onto our bodies and instead revere oneself as loved, as cared for, as worthy of comfort? To insist on more than survival? In this exhibition, tactile and embodied artistic practices materially reinscribe care into new world-making forms that disrupt the structural isolation experienced by disabled Black queer and gender diverse individuals. These artworks create a space for playfulness and grief, urgency and calm, reorienting those who live likewise towards the liberatory capacities of our shared otherworldliness. each of us, beloved offers a communal space of self-imagining that cherishes the rites and rituals of Black crip life.

Sarah-Tai Black is a curator and critic who lives in Treaty 3 Territory/Toronto, ON. Their work centers on the liberatory and affective capacities of artmaking with an emphasis on embodied Black, queer, trans, and crip futures. 

Image: Wit López, Tryna Keep A Straight Face, digital portrait projected onto quilt, 2021. Photo courtesy of the artist.

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2022, Aug 9 2022 - All day


Sherwood Village Branch,


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