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Bibliobandido Bites Regina!


Bibliobandido Bites Regina! Free and open to all, especially those aged 6-9 years and families.

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The Bibliobandido Book Bandit is coming to Regina and he is HUNGRY for children's stories. But it’s OK–we know that Regina has got this covered!

….We heard rumors that Bibliobandido plans to stop by and eat your stories so courageous readers and writers, we need you!

Please spread the word, and join us for an afternoon of creating stories, making books and sharing stories by kids speaking all languages. Families and youth of all ages are welcome, and ages 6-9 years are especially encouraged.

About Bibliobandido:

Bibliobandido is a public artwork and literacy movement by artist Marisa Morán Jahn. The project began twelve years ago as a collaboration between Jahn and the community of El Pital, in rural Honduras. According to the legend they created, Bibliobandido is a masked bandit who eats stories and playfully pesters little kids to feed him stories they’ve written.

As Bibliobandido’s fame eventually rivaled that of Santa Claus, the project grew to encompass thousands of young people across 19 participating Honduran communities. Bibliobandido workshops also spread to thousands of youth in North and Central America, taking root in institutions ranging from the Seattle Public Library, San Francisco Public Library, Pérez Art Museum Miami, Studio Museum in Harlem, Sugar Hill Children’s Museum of Art and Storytelling, and additional universities, festivals, schools, and museums.

Created by artist Marisa Morán Jahn in 2010 with the Library Club of El Pital, a rural community in Northern Honduras, “Bibliobandido” (best translated as ‘Story Eater’ in English) is an ongoing public art and literacy movement that centers around a masked bandit that eats stories. Ravenous, he pesters little kids until they offer him stories they’ve written. As Bibliobandido’s fame eventually rivaled that of Santa Claus, the project grew over a decade to encompass tens of thousands of young believers and writers in 19 participating Honduran communities as well as libraries, schools, and museums in Central and North America.

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Oct 8 2022, 2:00pm - 4:00pm


Dunlop Sherwood Gallery,

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Special Events


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