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Brandi from Marketing May 24, 2019, 4:47 PM

Book Club in my pjs? Sign me up.

I love my book club. They’re a fantastic group of folks, and after six years together, I’m sure they wouldn’t bat an eyelash if I turned up to a meeting in my flannels – but I haven’t yet worked up the nerve to test that theory.

Luckily for everyone, I won’t have to.

This June, RPL and other participating libraries across Canada are offering readers unlimited access to eBook and eAudiobook editions of Glass Beads by Dawn Dumont, as part of the One eRead Canada campaign. Which means I can show up to Book Club in my pjs, without weirding anyone out. 

Glass Beads was written by Saskatchewan-born Plains Cree author, actor, and comedian Dawn Dumont. It's an engaging collection of interconnected short stories about four First Nations people, set against a backdrop of two decades of political, social, and cultural change – and a perfect selection for National Indigenous History Month.  

How to participate

From June 3 to 30, access a copy of Glass Beads using your RPL library card and one of our digital apps:

Get comfy and discuss your thoughts with other readers across the country:

  • On social media using the hashtag #1eReadLivrelCanada
  • In the One eRead Canada Facebook Group, hosted by Vancouver Public Library.
  • At a Facebook Live event with the author, at 6:00pm on June 12. You can submit questions for Dawn Dumont using the hashtag #Question.

About One eRead Canada

One eRead Canada is organized by the Canadian Urban Libraries Council/Conseil des Bibliothèques Urbaines du Canada (CULC/CBUC) - the people behind the eContent for Libraries campaign. Libraries are facing very high costs for eBooks and eAudiobooks - and some titles aren't available to libraries at all. With this campaign, CULC wants to show that libraries introduce readers to new books, which actually helps to drive sales to publishers.

About Thistledown Press

Glass Beads’ publisher, Thistledown Press, is an independent Canadian publisher that is taking an active role in making eContent more accessible to the public, in partnership with public libraries.

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