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Sidewalk construction has begun around Central Library. Curbside pickup is still available at: use the north side stairs and come down the ramp or access from the south-side alley. No parking in front of Central but available on 12th Ave.

Erin from Marketing December 11, 2020, 1:31 PM

Check It Out at RPL

The library is my happy place. I used to come in and slowly browse the stacks, not looking for any topic in particular. I would just touch the spines and read the titles until I found something that sparked my interest. I have also been known to smell a book or two, but there’s no need to focus on that.

One of the best things about the library is how exciting it is that you can find a book about almost anything. Looking to plan a meal? Check out the cookbooks. Want to pick up a new hobby? Look in the craft section. What about the latest true crime novel? Yup, they have that too. When it comes to the library, the sky's the limit.

It’s a bit harder to have experiences like these in our current COVID climate. My visits to the library have become rare as, like many of you, I only venture out when it’s absolutely necessary. Lately however, I have been able to make a quick stop at the library a part of my weekly errand run by taking advantage of their Check It Out service.

Check It out bags provide a great selection of items without having to enter a branch. It’s like browsing a section of the stacks without actually being inside. All I do is fill out an online form telling the staff about what I’m looking for, and they do the rest! And it’s not just books either, it’s movies and magazines too! I have even had bags made up for my child. They will gather up to 20 items based on the criteria I provide. Then I can pick up the bag inside the branch or by using the library’s Curbside Pick Up Service.

Not sure what topic you want to explore? There are premade Check It Out bags ready to go at any time.

So, although it doesn’t replace the exciting experience of moseying through the stacks on a Sunday afternoon, let the library put together a thoughtfully curated bag of new favourites for you and your family to discover.

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Erin from Marketing

Erin feels most at home when browsing the stacks at the library, tea in hand, discovering something new. She enjoys movies, and has the uncanny ability to avoid cooking. Seriously. Like, never.

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