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Courtney from Programming September 1, 2021, 10:37 AM

Everyone is a runner

Becky Wade Firth has run all around the world. Well, almost. In 2013, she ran in 22 different countries and wrote a book about her experiences called Run the World: My 3,500 Mile Journey Through Running Cultures Around the Globe.

Becky will share routines, tips, recipes, and recovery techniques from runners all over the world during her virtual talk on September 9, as part of our kick-off to the Queen City Marathon. It’s sure to be helpful information, considering that after her travels, Becky ran her personal best marathon time using what she had learned.

But don’t be intimidated by her running expertise! Everyone can learn something from the many different cultures she visited.

“Everyone is a runner,” said Shawn Weimer, the race director of the Queen City Marathon.

“If you’ve ever tracked your steps, walked around Wascana Lake, or run after your kids, you’re a runner! The QCM prides itself on providing something for every runner at every level, whether you’re walking, running short distances, or running the full marathon.”

The QCM’s welcoming approach is one of the reasons we’re proud to partner with them for another online event about inclusion in the running community on September 8. We’ll be talking to three Indigenous runners about what running means to them and how it has helped them reach their goals. If you’d like to attend this thoughtful discussion on inclusion in running, you can register on our website.

Register for Becky’s talk to learn more about her running journey and get some tips to help with yours. You can also find her book, Run the World,  in our collection.

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