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Category: GLBT


Pride Week Regina

It is Pride Week in Regina, and what better way to celebrate than by reading The Essential Dykes to Watch Out For by Alison Bechdel. This comic strip started in the early 80's, and roughly 75% of its entire run is included in this collection.

For more information on events happening in the city during Pride Week, visit the GBLUR website.


One to watch for...

I'm excited to say that Skim should be circulating fairly soon for all you people out there that are on the holds list. For those of you who aren't - why aren't you? Skim has been getting recognition and buzz from all over the graphic novel industry, and is wowing critiques with its exquisite artwork. The story is about "Skim" a teen girl dealing with her sexuality and first love, and the book has been compared to Craig Thompson's Blankets, one of my favourite graphic novels.


Fun Home

Why you should read Fun Home by Alison Bechdel:
It was ranked Time Magazine's Best Book of the Year, and it will fill the void for a haunting, thoughtful memoir that was left after you had finished reading Blankets by Craig Thompson