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Awsomest zombie movie ever!

The Return of the Living Dead (1985)

Written and Directed by Dan O'Bannon

They're Back From The Grave and Ready To Party!

Return of the Living Dead is really something special and so friggin' hilarious in parts it will make you pee your pants. I LOVE Frank (classic James Karen) as the crotchety, neurotic manager at a medical supply warehouse. His nervous, over-the-top performance makes this movie. So does his on-screen chemistry with his bumbling young sidekick Freddy (Thom Matthews). The only movie that trumps this one for that perfectly realized, addictive blend of horror-comedy-gore is Evil Dead II (and there's no shame in coming runner-up to Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell).

How's this for classic movie dialogue?

Burt: If that is a re-animated body, we're gonna have to kill it.
Freddy: How do you kill something that's already dead?
Burt: How do I know, Fred? Let me think!
Frank: It's not a bad question, Burt.


Burt: I thought you said if we destroyed the brain, it'd die?
Frank: It worked in the movie!
Burt:Well, it ain't workin' now, Frank!
Freddy: You mean the movie lied?

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One of the funniest horror movies you will ever see!


Trapped in time.

Surrounded by evil.

Low on gas.

Army of Darkness
(1992) Good. Bad. I'm the guy with the gun.

Written and Directed by Sam Raimi
Starring Bruce Campbell

Deadites and horror movie buffs in general will have heard all about this one...for the uninitiated, you are in for a real treat. While technically part 3 of the outrageous Evil Dead series, Army of Darkness stands on its own and your pure enjoyment will not be diminished in the least from not having seen the first two (trust me). Wild, weird, wacky...this movie has everything, including the King of B-actors, Bruce Campbell.
...Raimi's favorite actor, Bruce Campbell, returns as Ash (hero of the first two Evil Dead flicks), a hardware-store clerk who is magically transported -- along with his beat-up Oldsmobile and a chainsaw attachment for his severed left forearm -- to the brutal battlefields of the 14th century. He quickly assumes power (who else in the Middle Ages packs a shotgun and a chainsaw?), and unites his band of medieval knights against the dreaded Army of the Dead. Raimi gleefully subverts almost every horror-movie cliché as he serves up a nonstop parade of blood, gore, and vicious sword-bearing skeletons -- an affectionate homage to animator Ray Harryhausen's classic Jason and the Argonauts.... --Jeff Shannon

For more news, reviews, and updates, check out the horror blog's Evil Dead stuff category.

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Oh Grandma, what big teeth you have!

Teeth (2007/I)

Teeth is the most alarming cautionary tale for men with wandering libidos since Fatal Attraction....
Mitchell Lichtenstein's female revenge tale can't quite decide whether it wants to be a comedy, horror flick or social satire so it does all these things.
--Kirk Honeycutt, The Hollywood Reporter

All you need to know about this movie to decide whether you should watch it or not, is that it's about a young girl who discovers she has a toothed vagina. Yup, you read that right. Teeth falls into a rare but well-loved category, the black comedy horror. A true horror movie for men, whom I doubt very much will see the humour in this one.

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Buffy the Musical comes to RPL Film Theatre, Tuesday October 28!

Tuesday October 28

"Once More With Feeling" -- Buffy the Vampire Slayer (Episode 107)

This year RPL's Halloween Movie Fest concludes in style...and song! Calling all you Buffy fans, it`s the Buffy event you`ve been waiting for - Once More with Feeling on the big screen. Sunnydale has come alive with the sound of music as everyone breaks into song, revealing secrets and even bursting into flames. Feeling brave? Dress up as your favorite Buffy character and sing along!

Admission is FREE. Snacks and door prizes will be provided!
Show starts @ 7pm

RPL Film Theatre
Lower Level
Central Library
2311-12th Avenue


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Zombie Walk in Regina

The Regina Food Bank is scaring up donations at their Zombie Walk from the Legislative Building to Victoria Park beginning at 4 pm on Friday, October 24. Zombies are asked to bring a donation of a non-perishable food item or money for the Regina & District Food Bank.

Each zombie who donates will receive a ballot to win fabulous prizes at the end of the walk. Call (306)791-6533 ext. 226 or e-mail for more information. Visit for general information on the Regina Food Bank.


New on DVD: Botched (2006)

BOTCHED (2006)

From Product Description: "In the spirit of great horror comedies like Army of Darkness, Shaun of The Dead and An American Werewolf in London comes BOTCHED, a film that takes funny and gore to the next level. Having recently won best feature at the New York City Horror Film Festival, the film's star Stephen Dorff also took home Best Actor honors as well. From producer Steve Richards who also brought you The Matrix: Reloaded, and House on Haunted Hill...comes the story of Ritchie Donovan (Stephen Dorff) a professional thief whose luck turns from bad to worse. The only survivor from a heist that goes terribly wrong, Ritchie is forced to take the rap and is sent to Russia to steal a priceless antique cross locked in a safe on the penthouse floor of a Moscow skyscraper. Unfortunately his luck runs out yet again and things rapidly go downhill. During the robbery Ritchie and his Russian accomplices are trapped by police and are forced to take hostages seeking refuge on the building's unused 13th Floor... and we all know how unlucky the number 13 is."

This looks fun!

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Can you name these movies?

So you think you know horror movies? Here are some of the most memorable lines, from some of the most unforgettable horror classics of all time. Some films may appear more than once.

Test your skill level. Can you name the movie?

1. Then let's head on down into that cellar and carve ourselves a witch. ANSWER

2. Death has come to your little town, Sheriff. Now you can either ignore it, or you can help me to stop it. ANSWER

3. Your mother's in here, Karras. Would you like to leave a message? I'll see that she gets it. ANSWER

4. Red -- I might have known it would be red. ANSWER

5. I found some cigarettes. I found them all the way in the bottom of my pack. We're still alive 'cause we're smoking. ANSWER

6. She doesn't like it in the barn. The horses keep her up at night. ANSWER

7. Tony is the little boy that lives in my mouth. ANSWER

8. Let's not call him "the Captain," you illiterate TV people. It's "the Skipper." ANSWER

9. Redrum. ANSWER

10. Then when it's over, your phone rings, someone knows you watched the tape... and what they say is, "You will die in seven days". ANSWER

She just goes a little mad sometimes. We all go a little mad sometimes. Haven't you? ANSWER

If you scored 8 or higher out of 10, then congratulations you are a Horror Movie Maven!

See previous post: Are you a Trivia Maven?

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Wa - hoooo, werewolves of london...

An American Werewolf in London (1981)

Written and Directed by John Landis

He's the hairy-handed gent who ran amuck in Kent
Lately he's been overheard in Mayfair
Better stay away from him
He'll rip your lungs out, Jim
I'd like to meet his tailor
Werewolves of London

--Werewolves of London, Warren Zevon

I don't think there's been a better werewolf movie made since John Landis' 1981 An American Werewolf in London -- classic. It strikes a perfect balance of comedy and horror, and the special effects are amazing (especially given the time). Yes parts are cheesy, but in a GOOD way. You'll laugh out loud (and you'll scream too).

Best friends David and Jack are backpacking the English countryside and stop by an isolated pub one evening, known as the Slaughtered Lamb. The locals are far from welcoming and as the young men leave, give them a dire warning to "stick to the road". Of course, the young men eventually wander off the road and onto the moors where they are attacked by a monstrous creature -- a lycanthrope, a werewolf. What happens next is all part of the fun (and mayhem). Don't miss this one, folks.

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Marvel Zombies vs Army of Darkness

Marvel Zombies vs. Army of Darkness

by John Layman, Fabiano Neves, and June Chung

I just discovered we had this in the collection and had to bring it to your attention. Looks like too much fun. For anyone who can't get enough of Ash, in whatever shape or form, this one's for you.

Product Description:
"This is it true believers, the cross-over of the century begins here! The Marvel Zombies come face-to-face with Dynamite Entertainment's Ash from the Army of Darkness! Ash has faced legions of the undead before, but never like this... as he lands in the heart of New York just as the Zombie outbreak begins! See how his actions help turn more heroes and villains into Zombies! Under the watchful eye of Marvel Zombie guru Robert Kirkman, this might just be the comic event of 2007! Plus: The entire series will feature classic "homage" covers from painter Arthur Suydam! Collects Marvel Zombies/Army Of Darkness #1-5."

For more updates and info on graphic novels, comics, manga, etc check out RPL's graphic novel blog here.

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Something fun...

Blockbuster has made available The Mist online game, that you can play for free until April 8th. If you "win" / finish it, you are treated to a clip of an exclusive interview with Stephen King / Frank Darabont (which supposedly will only be available on the rental DVD). I haven't played the game yet, but look forward to fooling around with it. Should be good for a laugh, and--dare I hope--a scare or two?

Play the game here!

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