10 Scariest Stephen King Novels


10 Scariest Stephen King Novels

Only 26 days away from Halloween and what better way to celebrate the occasion than by featuring Stephen King's scariest novels. Compiled by the folks at the Sci Fi Wire, here are their top 10 suggestions:

1. The Shining, originally published 1977

Summary: Jack Torrance sees his stint as winter caretaker of a Colorado hotel as a way back from failure, his wife sees it as a chance to preserve their family, and their five-year-old son sees the evil waiting just for them.

2. Salem's Lot, originally published 1975

Summary: A nightmare of evil grips a small Maine town when a mysterious stranger appears.

3. Pet Sematary, originally published 1983

Summary: When a little boy's pet dies, and he persuades his parents to bury it in an old Indian cemetary, reputed by legend to house restless spirits, a nightmare of death and destruction begins.

4. Cujo, originally published 1981

Summary: A family's two-hundred-pound Saint Bernard is transformed by rabies and the insidious guidance of demonic forces into a terrifying monster.

5. Misery, originally published 1987

Summary: Paul Sheldon, author of a series of historical romances, wakes up in a secluded farmhouse in Colorado with broken legs and Annie Wilkes, a disappointed fan, hovering over him with drugs, ax, and blowtorch and demanding he bring his heroine back to life.

6. The Stand, originally published 1990

Summary: A monumentally devastating plague leaves only a few survivors who, in a desert world, experience dreams of good and evil in confrontation and, through their choices, move toward an actual confrontation.

7. The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon, originally published 1999

Summary: When a 9-year-old girl becomes lost on a hike on the Appalachian Trail, she relies on her courage and faith, as she imagines her hero, baseball pitcher Tom Gordon, is with her.

8. Cell, originally published 2006

Summary: Civilization has slipped into its second dark age on an unsurprising track of blood, but with a speed that could not have been foreseen by even the most pessimistic futurist, as a virus is carried by every cell phone operating within the entire world.

9. Gerald's Game, originally published 1992

Summary: When rough sex between Jessie and Gerald Burlingame turns deadly, leaving Gerald dead and Jessie handcuffed to the bed, it sets in motion a terrifying and psychologically twisted twenty-eight hours.

10. Carrie, originally published 1974

Summary: A repressed teenager uses her telekinetic powers to avenge the cruel jokes of her classmates.


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