My International Women's Day selection: 1222 by Anne Holt


My International Women's Day selection: 1222 by Anne Holt

1222 : a Hanne Wilhelmsen novel by Anne Holt
Finalist 2012 Edgar Award for Best Mystery

Book # 8 with Hanne Wilhelmsen, a lesbian police officer in Oslo, Norway

Here's what the Booklist review had to say:
/* Starred Review */ Since a shooting left her paralyzed, Hanne Wilhelmsen has lived a quiet life. She enjoys the solitude and rarely misses her former career as a police inspector, but that doesn’t mean she’s lost the skills that made her one of the best detectives on the force.

Scandinavian author Holt kicks off a new series with a skillful riff on Christie's And Then There Were None that begins with a train wreck in the midst of a ferocious blizzard. Stuck near the top of a pass, at 1222 meters, the stranded passengers gather in a nearby lodge and rejoice over their timely rescue. But the mood darkens after the first body is found. With wheelchair access limited in the old-fashioned lodge, Hanne — one of the passengers — spends her time in the lobby, observing fellow passengers and only reluctantly becoming involved in speculation about a killer. Soon she’s hooked, though, and in her own cantankerous way, she directs the staff and the few passengers she considers trustworthy to hunt down a culprit before anyone else falls victim to either the storm or the killer.

Holt creatively combines the classic detective story and the Scandinavian thriller in a compelling way that should immediately pull in fans of both genres and keep them turning pages even as they shiver from the atmospheric descriptions of wind, cold, and snow. A must for all mystery fans.

MBTB mini-review: I'm still in the middle of this, but I'm enjoying it a lot. The previous books are not widely available, but I'm having no trouble reading 1222 as a "first", as it's being promoted in North America.

UPDATE: Watch for Blind Goddess, # 1 in series, coming in June 2012

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