Mystery Memo # 110


Mystery Memo # 110

NEW! Until I get more caught up with publishing my Mystery Memos on the MBTB blog, I'll be giving you some highlights from each one (down below) and making the entire Mystery Memo available to Download here

Mystery Memo # 110 has two books in the Perfect Read category:
Val McDermid: Fever of the Bone (2009)
Peter Robinson: Bad Boy (2010)

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Douglas Corleone: One Man’s Paradise (2010) *** ½


Book # 1 with lawyer Kevin Corvelli, newly moved from NY to Hawaii

Kevin wants to get out of murder trials after a bad experience in NY but his lawyer buddy Jack gets Kevin hired to defend a young man accused of murdering his fiancé.
Easy to follow, great characters.

Next book: Night on Fire

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Ann Littlewood: Did Not Survive (2010) ****

Action / cozy.

Book # 2 with Iris Oakley, a zookeeper at a small zoo in Vancouver, Washington.

When the body of the zoo foreman is killed, Iris tries to find out who among the staff doesn’t have an alibi. The zoo setting is wonderful and the mystery solving is interesting and believable.
Try this if you like the series by Betty Webb with zookeeper Teddy Bentley, at a private zoo in California

First book: Night Kill
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Val McDermid: Fever of the Bone (2009) **** ½

Thriller/British police procedural

Book # 6 with Tony Hill and Carol Jordan. Tony, a psychologist, does criminal profiling for the police. Carol heads up a special police squad.

A new supervisor wants to start using a cheaper criminal profiler instead of Tony. That leaves Tony free to be hired by a nearby town to look at the murder of a teenage girl. It looks like she was lured to her death by someone on a social website. Tony is unaware that Carol’s team is working two similar murders with boys as victims back in his hometown.
Great balance of the personal and the professional. Enthralling.

First book: The Mermaids Singing

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* * *

Peter Robinson: Bad Boy (2010) **** ½

British police procedural

Book # 19 with DCI Alan Banks and his partner DI Annie Cabot, Yorkshire.

This book involves Banks’ own daughter – she’s attracted to a “bad boy”, the boyfriend of her roommate, not realizing how bad he really is. The series is the perfect mix of police procedural and the personal.
Similar to Graham Hurley's DI Joe Faraday (Turnstone) and Ian Rankin's DS John Rebus (Knots and Crosses).

First book: Gallows View

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Kathryn R. Wall: Canaan’s Gate (2010) ****

Private investigator

Book # 10 with Bay Tanner, an accountant who runs an investigation agency in Hilton Head, South Carolina.

The case: a timid bank employee hires Bay to prove that one of her tellers is scamming a wealthy elderly customer. Then the elderly man’s wife dies, and the timid bank employee, Bay’s client, also dies, apparently a suicide.
This series reminds me of the Margaret Maron series with Judge Deborah Knott (The Bootlegger’s Daughter).

First book with Bay Tanner: In For a Penny

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Sins of the Fathers
by Patricia Hall

British police procedural

Book # 12 with Laura Ackroyd, a reporter, and Michael Thackeray, a police inspector, in Yorkshire, England, in the Yorkshire mysteries

Description: A young boy running for his life through the snow, his sister hovering between life and death in intensive care: it seems that another father has been driven to the edge and turned on his family when DCI Michael Thackeray reluctantly enters a family home turned blood-stained charnel house. But as he and journalist Laura Ackroyd dig deeper, the tragedy becomes darker and much more dangerous.
While Thackeray seeks to find where the children's father has gone, Laura begins to ask just who he is. This seems to have been a family with no past long before its future was so brutally taken away. Who is Gordon Christie? Who is he hiding from? Is it only the police who are looking for him? Where has he gone with a loaded gun and his son in tow? And who seems to be obstructing Thackeray's inquiry at every turn, driving him to the brink of resignation and Laura to despair?
from Fantastic Fiction

First book: Death by Election


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