Mystery Memo # 111


Mystery Memo # 111

Until I get more caught up with publishing my Mystery Memos on the MBTB blog, I'll be giving you some highlights from each one (down below) and making the entire Mystery Memo available to Download here

This Mystery Memo has 4 Perfect Reads:
Giles Blunt: Crime Machine (2010)
Emma Donoghue: Room (2010)
Sara Paretsky: Body Work (2010)
Karin Slaughter: Beyond Reach (2007)

* * *

Giles Blunt: Crime Machine (2010) **** ½

Canadian police procedural

Book # 5 with John Cardinal, in the fictional northern Ontario town of Algonquin Bay.

The case: the horrific murder of two visitors in town for the annual fur auction. John finds an link from this case to a 30-year-old cold case – a family that disappeared from their cottage.

First book: Forty Words for Sorrow

* * *

Vicki Delany: Negative Image (2010) ****

Canadian police procedural.

Book # 4 with Molly Smith, a young constable, and John Winters, a senior detective, in fictional Trafalar B.C.

A fashion photographer is found shot to death in a hotel room. There is evidence that John Winter’s wife was one of the last people to see him.
A good mix of the personal and the police procedural.

First book: In the Shadow of the Glacier MBTB review

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* * *

Emma Donoghue: Room (2010) *****


This isn’t strictly a mystery, but an “inside the crime” novel. It is narrated by five-year-old Jack, who has been born to a woman kidnapped and held in captivity for years. The young woman, “Ma”, does her best to keep them in good health and plans constantly to escape. The first half of the book takes place while they are still in captivity, but the second half, after Jack helps them escape, is even more riveting as they cope with the “real” world.

* * *

Sara Paretsky: Body Work (2010) **** ½

Private investigator.

Book # 15 with V.I. Warshawski, former lawyer, now private investigator in Chicago.

The family of a troubled Iraq war vet hires V.I. to help prove he didn’t kill a woman, although he was found unconscious with the murder weapon in his hand.
This series always impresses me, wonderfully complex.

First book: Indemnity Only

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* * *

Karin Slaughter: Beyond Reach (2007) **** ½

Police procedural / forensics.

Book # 6 in the Grant County series with Sara Linton, pediatrician and medical examiner, and her husband Jeffrey, the police chief of a small town in Georgia.

Beyond Reach circles around troubled police officer Lena Adams, who has returned to her hometown to check up on her Uncle Hank. Lena ends up in deep trouble, under arrest for murder. Sara and Jeffrey go to help her out and get caught up in the mess. This series fulfills my requirement for fast-paced, highly readable writing, a nicely complex plot, with enough personal detail from book to book to keep me wanting more.

First book: Blindsighted

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The Invisible Ones
by Stef Penney

British private investigator


Booklist review: Private investigator Ray Lovell wakes up in the hospital after an accident, and he slowly remembers the events that brought him there. Lovell, who is half Romany, is hired by Leon Wood to find his daughter, Rose, whom he hasn’t heard from since her arranged marriage to Ivo Janko seven years ago. The story is seamlessly told by Ray in the hospital, Ray before his accident, and teen JJ Janko. The Janko family insists Rose ran away with a gorjio (non-Romany) after her son was born afflicted with the family illness, but Ray begins to doubt that Rose is still alive. If she is dead, which of the extended Janko family killed her? Ray solves the crime while he slowly recovers, comes to terms with the break-up of his marriage, and begins a new relationship with a member of the Janko family. The interesting life of gypsies in 1980s England frames a story with plot twists and interesting characters, but the resolution is rather a letdown.


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