Peter Robinson: All the Colours of Darkness (2008) ****½


Peter Robinson: All the Colours of Darkness (2008) ****½

All the Colours of Darkness
Book # 18
British police procedural
DCI Alan Banks and DI Annie Cabbot, set in the fictional city of Eastvale in Yorkshire

Booklist Review: . . . The mystery here involves the discovery of a man’s body hanging from a tree. When Detective Inspector Annie Cabbot goes to notify the victim’s partner, that man is found stabbed to death in his flat. Everything points to murder-suicide, but Cabbot and DCI Alan Banks discover a far more complicated and disturbing reality behind the successful and seemingly happy “suicide,” who ran set and costume design for a local theatre, his partner, their relations, and their pasts. Robinson shows a deft hand at using forensic science, conflict between characters, and recurring series themes. Another winner from one of Britain’s established A-listers.

MBTB review: I always enjoy a new Inspector Banks novel. Banks, divorced and living alone, is a fully realized character. He frequently defies authority and this case is no exception, when it appears that the British spy organization M16 wants the investigation closed with a simple murder/suicide verdict but Banks just wants to check a couple more things.

Bank's colleague Annie Cabbot plays a major part in the story, balancing Bank's need to investigate "off the books" with their superior's request to back off and get on with looking into a new murder - a young man stabbed with possible gang connections.

You could read this book without reading others in the series, but as usual, your enjoyment would be enhanced if you have read some of the earlier books first.

First book: Gallows View (1987)

Peter Robinson's website is worth a look. A new feature on the site is Playlists - lists of the music mentioned in the Alan Banks series. So far, he has playlists from All the Colours of Darkness, Friend of the Devil and Piece of My Heart and he intends to add more.

Try Peter Robinson's Alan Banks series if you like Ian Rankin's series with Detective John Rebus.
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