Upcoming Heritage Regina Program: The First Tiny House.

Heritage Regina will be presenting the following local history program on Thursday, March 16th at 7:00 pm at The Artesian, 2627 -- 13th Ave.

The First Tiny House

Regina’s first tiny house was actually built 135 years ago; it provided the basic necessities for survival and comfort that our present day popular tiny houses do. Have you ever wondered what those early homes were like? Join us for an informative
and entertaining evening with music, photos and stories as we learn about life in those early tents, soddies and homestead shacks.

John Robinson, Principal Designer at Robinson Residential Design, designed and built Regina’s first Tiny House. This Tiny House was displayed at the 2016 Home and Garden Show and featured on a HGTV episode, “Journey to the Jamboree”. John would be the first to say that it wasn’t actually Regina’s FIRST tiny house, so his talk will provide a fun and interactive look back at some of the tiny homes that the earliest settlers of our province lived in.

Refreshments provided. A $10 suggested donation to Heritage Regina goes towards the promotion and preservation of heritage in your community.

For more information on this event, or how to get involved, check out: www.heritageregina.ca


The following upcoming program will appeal to those with an interest in Saskatchewan history:

Dr. Bill Waiser: A World We Have Lost.
Monday, March 20th, 7:00 pm
Film Theatre, Central Library

The Prairie History Room/Regina Public Library is pleased to present Dr. Bill Waiser reading from his Governor General’s Award winning A World We Have Lost: Saskatchewan Before 1905. Dr. Waiser’s book examines the early history of Saskatchewan through an Aboriginal and environmental lens, with Indian and mixed-descent peoples playing leading roles in the story-as does the land and climate. By the early nineteenth century, a distinctive western society had emerged in the North-West-one that was challenged and undermined by the takeover of the region by a young dominion of Canada. By the time Saskatchewan entered confederation as a province in 1905, the world that explorer Henry Kelsey had encountered in 1690 had become a world we have lost. Everyone welcome. Register at phr@reginalibrary.ca or by calling 306.777.6039.

We hope you can join us.


Upcoming Miltiary Heritage Programs.

The Prairie History Room is pleased to sponsor the following Military Heritage programs:

Yellow Birds
Sunday, March 5th, 2:00 pm
Public Meeting Room#1, Central Library

Join Will Chabun for an illustrated look back at the remarkable wartime megaproject that trained thousands of Canadian and Allied airmen in a network of British Commonwealth Air Training Plan (BCATP) Schools in Saskatchewan 75 years ago." Register at phr@reginalibrary.ca or by calling 306.777.6039.

When Women Went to War: Western Canadian Women
Tuesday, March 7th, 7:00 pm
Film Theatre, Central Library

Was World War I different for women than it was for men? What did women do, besides knit socks? Join University of Regina History Professor Dr. Donica Belisle, together with Post-Doctoral Fellow Dr. Katrina Ackerman and students Kiera Mitchell and Jacqueline Wagner, for an evening discussion on western Canadian women and the Great War. After three short talks, the audience will be invited to discuss how Saskatchewan women experienced the world wars. Topics such as war brides, nursing, volunteering for the war effort, getting the vote, cooking, internment, and the movement for peace will be covered. As we shall see, for some western women, the years between 1914 and 1918 were a period of great activity. But for others, they were times of great struggle and sorrow. Register at phr@reginalibrary.ca or by calling 306.777.6039.

The Memory Project presents Women in the Military.
Thursday, March 9th, 7:00 pm
Regent Place Branch
331 Albert Street

The Memory Project connects active service members and veterans with speaking engagements in their community. In honour of the centenary of Vimy Ridge, join us as an active service member discusses the role and experiences of women in Canada’s Armed Forces. Everyone welcome. Speaker: Major Lauren Flaherty. Register at phr@reginalibrary.ca or by calling 306.777.6039.

For more information on any of these events, please contact Warren at the Prairie History Room at phr@reginalibrary.ca / 306.777.6039. We hope you may join us>


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Giant Steps: The History of Jazz -- reprise.

Giant Steps, the February 13th Black History Month program, fell victim to the power failure which blanketed the downtown in darkness -- so, we're going for a reprise (or is it an encore?):

Giant Steps: The History of Jazz.
Regina Public Library Film Theatre
2311-12th Avenue
Monday, March 6th, 7-8:30 pm

Learn about the artists, styles, and stories behind America's great original artform — Jazz. In honour of Black History month, September Russell will take your ears on a tour of Jazz, from its historic roots in the black community to the present day. Rescheduled from February 13th, when the program was cancelled due to a power failure.

We hope you can join us -- and that the lights stay on!


Upcoming RPL program of interest: One Room School House Records -- What You Can Learn From Them.

The following Prairie History Room program will be of interest and has available spaces:

One Room School House Records -- What You Can Learn From Them.

Public Meeting Room#1,
Regina Public Library
2311-12th Avenue
Sunday, February 26th, 2-3:30 pm

The online 'One Room Schoolhouse Project' helps to bring the one room schoolhouses of history to life on the internet with contributions by former students, teachers and residents. To illustrate the wealth of available information, Christa Kaytor will discuss her family's research into a number of one room school districts. Registration required: register at phr@reginalibrary.ca or by calling 306.777.6039.

We hope you can join us.


Upcoming Heritagte Week program: Collegiate Gothic Architecture in Regina.

In honour of Heritage Week, join James Youck from P3 Architecture Partnership,as he presents a brief history of the College Avenue Campus, and a more detailed description of how this rich sociological and architectural history, embodied by Collegiate Gothic style, affect the design process for the College Avenue Campus Renewal.

Wednesday, February 22nd, 7:00 pm at Government House, 4607 Dewdney Avenue. Free & open to the public; refreshments to follow Mr. Youck's presentation.

For more information, visit Heritage Regina at heritageregina.ca


Heritage Saskatchewan at heritagesask.ca


“Finding home in Story: Metis concepts of Home and Kinship”

The Prairie History and Heritage Saskatchewan are pleased to present the following Heritage Week (February 20-24) program with host Regina Public Library Writer-in-Residence, Trevor Herriot:

“Finding home in Story: Metis concepts of Home and Kinship”

Regina Public Library Film Theatre
2311-12th Avenue
Tuesday, February 21st, 7:-8:30 pm

Connect with Saskatchewan land and history during this evening of storytelling. Presented by the Prairie History Room, Regina Writer-in-Residence, Trevor Herriot, will host a session with Metis storytellers to show how historical resources inform and support the stories that speak to Metis notions of home and kinship. Everyone welcome; register at phr@reginalibrary.ca or by calling 306.777.6039.

For more great Heritage Week events, visit the Heritage Saskatchewan website at www.heritagesask.ca


Heritage Week workshops: Heritage Saskatchewan

Heritage Saskatchewan is celebrating Heritage Week (February 20th to 24th) by holding two workshops of interest to heritage workers & volunteers:

Thursday, February 23rd
Punching Above Your Weight: Raising Funds for Places that Matter -- a fundraising workshop delivered by The National Trust for Canada.

Friday, February 24th
Everyone has a Role in Reconciliation.
This session is for those looking for a meaningful role in reconciliation within their own life, in their workplace, and in their professional career.
Keynote Speaker: Eugene Arcand
Workshop Leader: Zoey Roy

For more information about these workshops or to register, please visit: www.heritagesask.ca


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Towards a Prairie Atonement by Trevor Heriott

The Prairie History has just added a new book to our collection by the Regina Public Library Writer-in-Residence, Trevor Herriot: Towards a Prairie Atonement.

"In the wake of colonization, in a landscape of loss and dispossession, can we rediscover ways to share the land with other creatures and one another? Towards a Prairie Atonement addresses this question by enlisting the help of a Métis Elder and revisiting the history of one corner of the Great Plains. Set on a prairie remnant seven thousand years old, this book's lyrical blend of personal narrative, prairie history, imagery, and argument begins with the cause of protecting native grassland on community pastures. As the narrative unfolds, however, Trevor Herriot, the award-winning author of Grass, Sky, Song and River in a Dry Land, finds himself recruited into the work of reconciliation. Facing his own responsibility as a descendent of settlers, he connects today's ecological disarray to colonial decisions to remove the Metis and their community land ethic from the prairie. With Indigenous and settler people alienated from one another and from the grassland itself, hope and courage are in short supply. This book proposes an atonement that could again bring people and prairie together."

RPL also has circulating copies of the book.

Join Trevor Herriot and Prairie History Room staff on Tuesday, February 21st, 7 pm, for "Finding Home in Story: Metis Concepts of Home and Kinship;" please contact PHR at phr@reginalibrary.ca for more information.


Saskatchewan Archives Week: February 5-11, 2017

February 5th to 11th is Saskatchewan Archives Week and the following events will be taking place in Regina:

The Provincial Archives of Saskatchewan will present a two hour event that will feature readings from never before seen 1885 dispatches to and from the war front, and excerpts from Louis Riel’s diary. The event begins at 7:00 PM on Wednesday February 8 at Bushwakker Brewing Company. Speakers include Prof. James Daschuk and Prof Sylvain Rehault from the University of Regina, Darren Prefontaine from the Gabriel Dumont Institute, and master of ceremonies Frank Korvemaker, and characters from the ‘Trial of Louis Riel’ play.

In partnership with the Regina Public Library’s Prairie History Room, join the City of Regina Archives for “Picturing the Past: Treasures from the City of Regina Archives.” At 7:00 on February 7 at the Regina Public Library Central Branch (2311 12th Avenue.) Archives staff will introduce the Archives, reveal hidden treasures from the collection, and uncover the ways that you can access and use these treasures. You’ll also discover some fascinating Regina history along the way!

For a list of activities province wide, visit the Saskatchewan Council of Archives and Archivists at www.scaa.sk.ca

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