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Genealogy and Pokemon-Go

Genealogy and Pokemon-Go may seem an odd combination but they are the subject of an article in the current NGS (National Genealogical Society) magazine (October-December 2016) now available at the Prairie History Room.

In a Technology piece entitled Augumented Reality: How Pokemon Go will change Genealogy, author Thomas MacEntee suggests that Augmented Reality programs could be used to:

"...entice visitors, especially young ones, to visit archives, libraries and even graveyards? What if there were more than just a requirement to throw a ball at a virtual character to collect something? What if there were a way to ask a question and the correct answer would result in a win or a prize?"

Among the author's suggestions for harnessing the power of the virtual to the study of genealogy are:

-- Create a "stop" at a genealogy library, archive or society (note: Regina Public Library is a registered "Poke-Stop").

-- Use augmented reality for graveyard or historical tours.

-- Create an online research scavenger hunt.

To read the full article, visit the magazine rack outside of Prairie History, where our genealogical and local history titles are displayed; all Prairie History magazines can be borrowed for seven days.


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New Prairie History Magazines

Families: Ontario Genealogical Society
Volume 55
November 2016
Number 4

In Their Footsteps: Traveling the McDermit Westward Immigration Route/Chelsea Ruiter.

In Memory of Private Fred Ambo, April 30, 1917/Rose Imbeault.

Jalna-Ealogy: Did Mazo de la Roche Find Inspiration in a Cemetery?/Robb Gorr.

David Wilson: British Soldier and Early Resident of York/Nancy Cunningham.

Pieces of the Past/Natalie Gagnon.

Once Upon a List: A Loyalist Tale/David Phillips.

All Prairie History magazines can be borrowed for seven days.


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New Prairie History Magazine: Article of Interest.

The Fall 2016 edition of Manitoba History focuses on the Great War and contains the following article of local interest:

Shifting Memories, Shifting Meanings: The Nutana Collegiate Memorial Art Gallery in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, 1919-1930/Eric Story, Wilfred Laurier University.

The article explores the history of the gallery, which served as a Great War memorial. The author is currently working on his Master's at Wilfred Laurier; his research interests is on how the First World War impacted the lives of Indigenous veterans and their families.

All Prairie History Magazines can be borrowed for seven days.


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New Prairie History Magazines

National Genealogical Society Quarterly
Volume 104, No. 3, September 2016

Featured Articles:

Frontier Research Strategies -- Weaving a Web to Snare a Birth Family: John Watts (ca 1749-ca. 1822)
Elizabeth ShownMills, CG, CGL, FNGS, FASG

Who was Mariah, wife of Jacob Lasher (1773-1857) of Germantown, Columbia County, New York?
Julie Miller, CG, FNGS

Resolving a Modern Genealogical Problem: What was Rainey Nelson's Birth Name?
LaBrenda Garrett-Nelson, JD, LLM, CG

Thinking about Genealogical Identity
Stephen B. Hatton

All Prairie History Magazines can be borrowed for seven days.


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New Prairie History Magazines

Autumn 2016
Volume 64/Number 4

“The Blue-Eyed Sheik of Saudi Alberta” Peter Lougheed, Oil Shocks, and the National Energy Policy of 1980/Gayle Thrift.

Surveying the Forty-Ninth Parallel/L.F. Hewgill.

What’s in the Name Calgary?/Nancy Townshend.

November/December 2016
Volume 2, Number 5

Genealogical Journeying…You CAN Go Home Again!/Joseph Grandinetti.

Our Aviation Ancestors/David A. Norris.

Preserving Cemetaries – Why Bother?/Mike Lewman.

Traveling in Their Footsteps – My Journey through Europe with James/Jennifer Holik.

Mining Post Civil War Records – More Than Pensions and Old Soldiers Homes!/Diane L. Richard.

US and Canadian Jewish Archival Research Collections/Melody Amsel-Arieli.

Following Leads from Postcards Can be Rewarding/Richard H. Goms Jr.

All Prairie History Magazines can be borrowed for seven days.


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New Prairie History Magazines

Family Tree Magazine
October/November 2016
Volume 17, issue 6


Search and Recover/David A Fryxell
41 strategies for finding your family history online.

Here Comes the Neighborhood/Sunny Jane Morton
Learn how to use old records, maps and photos to recreate the place your family called home.

First Families/Nancy Shively
Does your family tell of roots among America's original residents?

Pixel-Perfect Photo Projects/Dennis May Levenick
Don't keep family photos to yourself!

DNA Toolbox/Blaine T. Bettinger
Solve genealogy mysteries with these indispensable, free online tools analyze your DNA test results.

Internet Genealogy
October/November 2016
Volume 11, Number 4


Census Enumeration Districts: a source for rarely-seen maps/David A. Norris

Develop Your Ancestor's Story/George G. Morgan

Welcome to North Dakota (online records of ND settlers)/Carol Richey

Online Freedmen's Bureau Records/Diane L. Richard

Convict Research in Tasmania -- Story of a Hangman/Gabrielle Morgan

All Prairie History magazines can be borrowed for seven days.


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New Prairie History Magazines

Autumn 2016

Remembering Fort La Montee/Carl A. Krause
Attending Normal School, 1951-52/Victor Carl Friesen
Bad Nights in Regina/Kay Parley

Manitoba History
No. 81/Summer 2016

Thrashing Seasons: The Origin of Prairie Wrestling/C. Nathan Hatton
Heritage and the Landscape of Memory: Commemorating the Fur Trade in Manitoba/Robert Coutts
Historic Sites of Manitoba: Rise of the Concrete Giants/Gordon Goldsborough

Your Genealogy Today
September/October 2016

Dog License Records and Genealogy/David A. Norris
Oral History Hygiene: Preventing Cavities in Your Genealogy/Joe Grandinetti
Researching Military Service in World War II Museums and Cemeteries in Europe/Jennifer Holik

All of the above magazines are available for borrowing.


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New PHR Magazines

Internet Genealogy August/September 2016
Featured Articles:
Researching Northern Ireland by Kevin Cassidy
Tippling and Temperance in the Family by David A. Norris
Create Your Own Online Family Archive by Tony Bandy

History Now: The Membership Newsletter of the Historic Society of Alberta
Featured Articles:
History of Coal Mining in Alberta by Belinda Crowson
A Woman's Life at Dunvegan Post 1806

Alberta History Summer 2016, Vol. 64 No. 3
Charles S. Noble and the World's Wheat Title in 1916 by Carlton Stewart
The Iron Stone by Kenneth Favrholdt
William Booth's Dream of an Alberta Oversea Colony


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New PHR Magazine

Folklore: Saskatchewan's Yesterday's Personified Summer 2016
Featured Articles:
"Remembering Mitchellton," by Joyce Becker Lee
"Remembering Homemaker's Clubs," by Beryl Forgay
"My Career as an Actress," by Shirley Lomheim
"My Grandmother, Sarah Freeman," by Lois Borland Lee

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New PHR Magazine

Internet Genealogy June/July 2016
Featured Articles:
"Victorian 'Cool': What Was in and How to Find Out," by Sue Lisk
"Free UK Genealogy," by Cindy Thompson
"Researching the Great Depression," by David A. Norris
"Stellar Storytelling Apps," by Lisa A. Alzo

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