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February 2011 Meeting of AHSGR

The Regina and District Chapter of the American Historical Society (AHS) of Germans From Russia will be meeting:

Wednesday, February 2, 2011 at 7:30 PM
Trinity Lutheran Church
1909 Ottawa Street

As usual, the meeting will include a workshop on the regions of the Black Sea (Odessa), Volga, Volhynia, Bukovina, Galicia, Bessarabia, Ukraine and Germany.

For more information, please contact Helen Yauck, publicity chairman at 545-0618.


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New Magazines

Generations (Manitoba Genealogical Society), December 2010, Vol. 35

* "The Story of St. John's High School--Part 2" by Chris Dewar, pgs. 23-25.

* "Hillcrest Mine Explosion: Canada's Worst Mining Disaster: Do You Have a Family Connection?" by Belle Kovach, pg. 25.

NGS Magazine, October-December 2010, Vol. 36, No. 4

* "Foreign Images" by Maureen A. Taylor, pgs. 22-25.

* "Seeing Double: Taking Advantage of Double Census Enumerations" by J. H. Fonkert, pgs. 26-31.

* "Libraryland: Strategies for Navigating Respositories" by Kim V. Garvey, pgs. 47-49. Note: a terrific overview of the different types of libraries that are available for genealogists to use.

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Reminder: Back issues of most Prairie History Room magazines are kept in the shelf behind the current issue and can be borrowed for a 1 week loan period.


January 2011 Meeting of Regina Branch, SGS

The monthly meeting of the Regina branch of the Saskatchewan Genealogical Society (SGS) will be held on TUESDAY, January 25, 2011 at the SGS Library located 110-1514 11th Avenue.

Doors open at 6:00 for members to use the SGS library materials. At 7:00 pm, they will have an informal member sharing discussion followed by their program. This month's program is "Show and Tell" where members are encouraged to bring along a family treasure (e.g. photo, diary, war medal, etc.)or two and share it’s unique story with the group.

For more information and a list of upcoming branch meetings, please check out their website

NOTE: The Regina branch has a new email address: Please update your address books accordingly.


New Genealogical Resources from LAC

Last month, Library and Archives Canada (LAC) launched a number of new online resources for genealogists. Here is a quick round-up:

  • The 1916 Census of the Prairie provinces: In order to track the high rates of population growth in western Canada during the early years of the 20th century, the Canadian government called for a special census of the Prairie provinces (Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Alberta) in 1916. You can access this information in two ways:

    * Through a database that is searchable by Province, District Name, District Number, and Sub-district Number. The database is available at:

    * Through the research tool "microform digitization," you can browse the microfilm reels page by page. The tool is available at:

  • Medals, Honours and Awards database: Through this online database, researchers can access more than 113,000 references to medal registers, citation cards and records of various military awards. In addition to archival references, this research tool includes digitized images of some medal registers.


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New Magazine Issues

Family Chronicle, Jan./Feb. 2011, Vol. 15, No. 3

* "10 Tasks to Complete in 30 Minutes or Less!" by Elyse Doerflinger.
Note: the article lists 10 quick tasks such as setting up a Google Alert or backing-up your genealogy data that will benefit your genealogy research.

* "US Records of the War of 1812" by George C. Morgan, pgs. 21-24.

* "Crime and Punishment in Upper Canada: A Case Study" by Janice Nickerson, pgs. 30-34.

Folklore, Winter 2010, Vol. 31, No. 1

* "History Breaks Through" by Bev Lundahl, pgs. 10-12.

* "Round Prairie Cemetery: A Métis Heritage Site" by Shirley Lomheim, pgs. 20-21.

* "Rover Saves Two Sisters' Lives" by Annie Knight, pgs. 32-34.

Revue Historique, December 2010, Vol. 21, No. 2

* "Les Fils de Marie Immaculée au Canada: une épopée missionnaire exaltante" by Jacqueline Colleu, pgs. 5-9.

* "Ambroise-Dydime Lépine et Gabriel Dumont: Les deux adjudants-généraux de Louis Riel" by Laurier Gareau, pgs. 11-18.

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Reminder: back issues of most Prairie History Room magazines are kept in the shelf behind the current issue and can be borrowed for a 1 week loan period.

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