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More New Genealogy How-To Books

All of these books can be borrowed from the library for 3 weeks!

Bartley, Scott Andrew. Research American Cemetery Records. Toronto, ON: Heritage Productions, 2004.

Summary: Have you ever wondered about the history of cemeteries, the various types of cemeteries or the symbols used on gravestones? This book will help you understand the mysteries surrounding cemeteries. The book includes information about cemetery records created over the years, locating a grave as well as caring for gravestones.

Christensen, Penelope. Researching English Civil & Criminal Court Records. Toronto, ON: Heritage Productions, c2008.

Summary: This book deals with the civil, criminal and admiralty courts, and includes a section on prisoners and punishments. The companion volume Researching English Church Court Records examines the ecclesiastical courts which administered canon law derived largely from Roman law. This covered matrimonial and probate matters and was administered by the ecclesiastical courts. There was always a certain amount of overlap between the kinds of cases taken to the different courts, and both church and civil courts referred serious cases upwards to the criminal courts and highest appeal courts.

Murphy, Sharon L. Researching Canadian Land Records. 2nd Edition. Toronto, ON: Heritage Productions, 2001.

Summary: It all starts with the Land...Whether it was just a small tract or several thousand acres, it all meant the same thing, independence and freedom. This book has been prepared to give an introduction to the various types of land settlement and the records that were created.

Perry, Esther and Susanna de Groot. Finding Your Dutch Ancestors. 3rd Edition. [Toronto, ON]: Heritage Productions, c2007.

Summary: To research your Dutch ancestors start off with a visit to any Family History Center. There you will find the most reliable records for The Netherlands as a whole, for each province and for cities, towns or villages.

Quillen, W. Daniel. Secrets of Tracing Your Ancestors. 5th Edition. Cold Spring Harbor, N.Y.: Cold Spring Press, c2011.

Summary: Quillen teaches the basics of getting started and guides readers through the tricks and techniques of professional genealogists, and best of all the book is filled with real-life examples. Readers are pointed to the most current web sites and government records where information can be gleaned. Overlooked resources – such as military records – are identified and instructions for procuring and using them are included. Readers will also be treated to detailed suggestions on how to write an effective and interesting life history that will be treasured by the budding genealogist’s descendants. This edition has expanded and revised sections on Internet research, including new web sites; more on ethnic research; the latest information available on census access and availability; and still more ideas on how to do your own Life History.

Rerup, Hans W. Finding Your German Ancestors. 2nd Edition. Toronto, ON: Heritage Productions, 2002.

Summary: To successfully research families in Germany, it is necessary to have a basic understanding of the configurations of the various parts of Germany during the period of time of the lives of your ancestors. This book presents a sound strategy for thorough and productive research.

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