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Categories: Web Resources

The Debt Ceiling Crisis in Everyday English

Check out the WiseBread website for a recent post about the debt ceiling crisis in the United States.


Categories: Web Resources

Canada Get Your Business Online!

If you’re a business owner without a website, you probably have a good reason for it. Maybe you thought it was too expensive or took too much time? Maybe you were overwhelmed by the technology and didn’t know where to start?

Canada Get Your Business Online is a new program that provides businesses a fast, free, and easy way to get online.

Here’s what you get:
* Free, easy to build website
* Free web address
* Free advice and resources

Click here to get started!


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Ask a Professional

Take advantage of this FREE service from the Business Development Bank of Canada to ask a professional for advice on a monthly business topic. Questions and answers are posted online at the end of each month.

This month's topic: Year-ends and how to prepare strategic plan.

Click here for more information and to get started!


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Tips for Business Writing

Check out these 10 tips for effective business writing from the Business Development Bank of Canada.


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Sprouter is a social networking site that brings entrepreneurs from around the world together.

"By answering the question 'What are you working on?' in 140 characters or less entrepreneurs can discover and join events in their local areas, start discussions and follow topics of relevance to their business".

Check it out! Sprouter

Here's a recent article from the Globe and Mail's Report on Business about Sprouter and its CEO. Read it!


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Management Tip of the Day

Keep up with the Harvard Business Review's online management tip of the day on twitter or through an RSS feed!


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International trade information sources; and getting smarter about investing!

US and Canadian Trade Data

When looking for new opportunities it is important to study existing trade flows between countries. They are good indicators about what might be already saturated or still under-exploited for sales or outsourcing. Trade Data Online is a compilation of the latest data from Statistics Canada and the US Census Bureau. Search the export or import flows from or to the US or the Canada that corresponds to the HS code of your product or industry sector. For Canada, data are also displayed by province and territories.
-Source The Federation of International Trade Associations (FITA)

Since 1827, The Journal of Commerce has been the most trusted source of intelligence for international logistics executives to help them plan global supply chains and better manage day-to-day transportation of goods and commodities in the United States and internationally.
-Source The Federation of International Trade Associations (FITA)

A Store for Market Studies

If your are looking for a readymade market study take a look at Business Monitor International and do your shopping online. Business Monitor International is an independent company, headquartered in London, that employs specialist analysts and researchers across the globe.
-Source The Federation of International Trade Associations (FITA)

Worldwide Economic Indicators Mapper

Keeping up to date with worldwide economic conditions is crucial for success in your global business. You may already be familiar with the World Economic Outlook database (WEO) of the IMF, which has macroeconomic data for most countries. The IMF Data Mapper is a complementary tool. It projects the WEO data on to a map and offers a quick way to compare countries. You can use it, for example, to enhance a PowerPoint presentation: make a selection, copy the screen and add the image! It will make the presentation more dynamic and less academic than just a display of tables and figures.
-Source The Federation of International Trade Associations (FITA)

Get Smarter About Money – from Investor Educaton Fund


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Advertising, Marketing and Emerging Economies...

The World Advertising Research Centre (WARC:,
WARC is a premier provider of information and insight to the global marketing, advertising, media and research industries. It is the world’s largest single source of marketing insight (more than 45,000 papers, case studies, research reports and statistical data).
-Source ‘Promoting Advertising,’ by Carol Doms, Online, November 2009.

For market research reports re. consumer trend forecasts, see . Also see (note some fees apply to obtaining full reports at these sites).

Davidson Data Center and Network (DDCN)

The Davidson Data Center and Network (DDCN) provides a searchable database of micro and macro level data on transition economies. You can find DDCN data via basic or advanced search, or browse by subject, country, featured data, or recent additions. In addition to providing free access to data, the DDCN's Data Locator also identifies relevant data available at other institutions (both free and commercial). The DDCN is a project of the William Davidson Institute, "a non-profit, independent, research and educational institute dedicated to developing and disseminating expertise on issues affecting firms in transition & emerging market economies." Primary sources of data are faculty members and researchers who share their data for secondary analysis.
-Source James J. Hill Library Business Reference Site of the Week


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International Business information and research sites to consider...

A Directory for RSS Feeds

You don’t need to browse the Internet any more for news and information. Get alerts delivered to you! Nowadays, most websites (even those of your competitors) display RSS feeds. The feeds allow you to receive fresh news and relevant comments delivered to your browser or email program. The website RSSMICRO is a directory of thousands of RSS feeds in most subjects. For example, click on this RSSMICRO link and you will find the latest international trade news, blog postings and other similar content available using RSS
-Source Federation of International Trade Associations (FITA).

Doing business in Europe? See TENDERS EUROPE DAILY
The European Public Procurement Platform

Are you looking for opportunities selling to European Union governments? TED (Tenders Electronic Daily) is the online version of the 'Supplement to the Official Journal of the European Union', dedicated to European public procurement. Personalize your search, get e-mail addresses! Registration is free. And note that the EU uses its own product classification system, called the Common Procurement Vocabulary (CPV). The website Euroalert has a full explanation of the codes and their use. And you can get it using RSS!.
-Source Federation of International Trade Associations (FITA).

A Patent Database

Searching for patents is crucial if you need to keep up to date on the innovations of a competitor, find a specialist in a research field or build your knowledge-base for a specific technology. Free Patents Online is a search engine of existing patents. You can use it to browse by keyword, by patenting companies or by most patent topics.
-Source Federation of International Trade Assocations (FITA).

Related to the above, don't forget the World Intellectual Property Organization at:

Research Recap (
Are you looking for highlights of recent research? Then check out Research Recap. This site provides highlights and excerpts from the areas of U.S. based equity research, credit research, academic research, economic research, industry research, and market research. Much of the content is free, with links to select paid research if relevant. Recent Research Recap topics include:
• Moody's: Few Signs of Recovery in Demand for US CRE
• S&P "Rising Stars" At Lowest Level Since 2003
• How Media Businesses Can Rebuild After Meltdown
• Retail/Restaurant Credit Quality Down for 12thYear
• Affluent Online Shoppers in Retreat
-Source James J. Hill Reference Library Business Web Site of the Week

2009 Statistical Abstract: International Statistics

International Research/Statistical Data/Government Information: This segment of the latest version of the U.S. Statistical Abstract provides comparative statistics for key demographic, business, and other regional data, covering areas such as population, industrial indicators, finance, and more for a selection of countries around the world.
-Source BestBzWeb Enewsletter, October 2009.


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National and International online web resources...

Celebrating Small Business
Throughout October Rogers is celebrating small business by sharing 20 success stories from across the country. Small to medium-sized businesses represent more than 80 per cent of Canadian companies.
(Click on each picture which contains a story).

Logistics and Supply Chain Management – Canadian Analysis and Industry Profiles:
State of Logistics in Canada 2008

Logistics is the process of planning, implementing and controlling the flow and storage of goods and services and related information from the point of origin to the point of consumption. Supply chain management provides supervision and direction for the various parts of the distribution system including production scheduling and inventory control, transportation, warehousing, wholesaling, retailing and brokerage.

‘Canadian Intellectual Property Law for Dummies,’ written by Neil Miltion of Miltons IP, an Ottawa-based intellectual property law firm, is now distributed free by Export Development Canada (EDC). Order at

Canadian Retail Food Sector Report for 2009
Now available from the U.S. Department of Agriculture, Foreign Agricultural Service (FAS), 39pp. See

Release of 2006 Census maps in the Atlas of Canada (Internet site).
The Atlas of Canada, produced by Natural Resources Canada in partnership with Statistics Canada, presents a series of maps and accompanying analysis of national and regional data results from the 2006 Census. The first releases focus on Canadian population, age, marital status, immigration, visible minorities and mode of transportation. The maps are available on the Atlas of Canada website and are announced on the Census Spotlight webpage:

Canadian Government: Online Forms and Services
It’s never perfect, but it’s a good start!

Federal Partners in Technology Transfer (FPTT)
FPTT News is an electronic publication of news, events, training opportunities, links and information related to technology transfer and commercialization. Current and back issues of the FPTT newsletter can be obtained at:

The World Trade Organization (WTO) Tariff Download Facility

This database contains comprehensive information on Most- Favoured-Nation (MFN) applied and bound tariffs at the standard Harmonized System (HS) subheading level for all WTO Members. This information is sourced from submissions made to the WTO Integrated Data Base (IDB) for MFN applied tariffs and imports and from the Consolidated Tariff Schedules (CTS) database for the bound duties of all WTO Members. The information contained in this database complements the summary tariff statistics published in the World Tariff Profiles . The Tariff Download Facility allows a more flexible selection of tariff data across reporters, years and products than the currently available method of downloading the relevant file(s) under the "Goods schedules and tariff data" section of each WTO Member's country information page and which is also referred to on the Comprehensive tariff data page.
-Tip sources from the Business Interest Information Group, CLA.

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