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Categories: Funding

Aboriginal Funding

The Government of Canada's Aboriginal Portal features an online, interactive tool to help you find different types of funding available specifically for Aboriginal peoples in Canada.

Click here to access the Aboriginal Funding Tool.


Categories: Funding

Small Business Internship Program

Are you taking advantage of the possibilities offered by e-business? Industry Canada's Small Business Internship Program seeks to improve the competitiveness of small or medium-sized businesses by supporting them to actively market on-line and improve their competitiveness with e-business practices and technologies.

For more information and to apply, click here!


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Spin Master Innovation Fund

The Canadian Youth Business Foundation, (CYBF) has teamed up with one of Canada’s most innovative companies, Spin Master Ltd., to launch a new program, aimed at young entrepreneurs with big ideas.

The Spin Master Innovation Fund is offering 10 valuable start-up packages that provide up to $50,000 in seed capital and the customized support needed to transform an innovative idea into a booming business. The official program launch is April 27th.

To learn more, visit:


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Business Start-Up Financing from CYBF!

The Canadian Youth Business Foundation (CYBF) offers financing opportunities for your business:

Start and Grow with up to $45,000
-Qualified entrepreneurs could be offered up to $45,000 in financing based on character and a great business idea, not collateral.

Starting up: Get up to $45,000 in start-up financing!
-Eligible young entrepreneurs could be provided with start-up financing of up to $15,000, with flexible three to five year repayment terms. CYBF approved applicants have access to two Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC) dollars for every one CYBF dollar. That’s a total of up to $45,000 in seed capital with one application!

Growing the Business: Expansion financing up to $30,000
-Once entrepreneurs have launched their business, supplementary financing may be required to grow or expand it. CYBF offers qualified entrepreneurs, who have been in operation between 36 to 60 months, with expansion financing of up to $30,000 with one application.

For more information and to apply for financing, contact the CYBF!


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Create Summer Jobs for Students

Canada Summer Jobs 2011 is a Government of Canada initiative that provides funding to help employers create summer job opportunities for students.

The program is focused on encouraging not-for-profit organizations, public sector employers and small businesses with 50 or fewer employees to create jobs that not only meet their needs, but also benefit students looking to gain work experiences.

For more information, call 1-800-935-5555 or check out the Service Canada website.


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Do you need money?

Canada Business offers many grants and other forms of financial assistance for businesses - some meant specifically for the Saskatchewan community. Click here to get started!

Here's an idea of what's out there:

Saskatchewan Agri-Value Initiative
Up to $50,000 of funding may be available for you to establish or grow your agri-business.

Saskatchewan Heritage Foundation

Do you own a designated municipal or provincial heritage property in Saskatchewan? You could be eligible for matching restoration dollars.

Self-Employment Program
Are you currently unemployed and interested in starting your own business? The Self-Employment Program can help by providing training and support.


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Your Vehicle and Your Tax Dollars

In this web document, Revenue Canada explains the importance of keeping track of vehicle use in your business. Proper documentation will pay off during tax time!

Important points to keep in mind:

-Only expenses relating to business travel or commercial activity are eligible for a business deduction and tax credits.

-Keep an accurate logbook of business travel for the entire year showing each business trip. Include the destination, reason for the trip, and distance covered.

Click here for more information.


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HRSDC Opens EI Special Benefits to the Self-Employed

In a press release issued just before Christmas, the federal government announced that Royal Assent has been given to the Fairness for the Self-Employed Act. This is legislation that the cultural sector has been pressing for, for many years. Self-employed Canadians will be able to voluntarily opt into the EI program effective January 31, 2010, in order to take advantage of the EI special benefits. Self employed Canadians who choose to take advantage of EI special benefits will be required to opt into the program at least one year prior to claiming benefits, and will be responsible for making premium payments for the tax year in which they apply to the program.

For more information, go to


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Aboriginal employment initiative for Saskatchewan organizations

The Aboriginal Participation and Upskilling Initiative (APUI) provides practical employer supports and tools to enhance the recruitment, retention, upskilling, and advancement of Aboriginal employees with low-skills. The APUI will also arrange direct financial and other supports to implement the training and growth plan. The initiative is open to all Saskatchewan employers. Priority will be given to small and medium-sized enterprises. For further information contact the APUI manager, Mark Hanley, at (306) 359-6755 or



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Building sustainable commuinities...

The Municipal Capacity Development Program (MCDP) has been created with the primary objective of building sustainable communities in Saskatchewan. The role of the MCDP in sustainable community development is to encourage and assist municipalities in developing long-term municipal capacity on an inter- jurisdictional basis. The benefits of such an approach to capacity building range from achieving more effective, accessible and cost efficient services to managing growth and attracting economic opportunities on a regional basis.

Whether you're a community leader, an economic development professional or interested citizen, They will help you identify local priorities and carry out strategies to help you achieve your community's goals.

To learn more about the program visit the MCDP website at

Shelley Kilbride
Development Officer
Municipal Capacity Development Program
ph. (306) 761-3736
fax (306) 761-3737

The Building Canada Fund (BCF) is the Government of Canada's new flagship infrastructure program. It advances national priorities that are important to all Canadians: a stronger economy, a cleaner environment, and better communities, while addressing local and regional infrastructure needs.

The national priority funding categories for the BCF are:
•Core National Highway System
•Drinking Water
•Public Transit
•Green Energy

Funding will be allocated for projects in the provinces and territories based on their population and all major projects will be selected through federal-provincial/territorial negotiations.

The program will operate through two components:
•The Major Infrastructure Component (MIC) will target larger, strategic projects of national and regional significance.
•The Communities Component (CC) will focus on projects in communities with populations of less than 100,000 – helping these smaller communities face their unique challenges.

Click here for more information

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