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The Debt Ceiling Crisis in Everyday English

Check out the WiseBread website for a recent post about the debt ceiling crisis in the United States.


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Aboriginal Funding

The Government of Canada's Aboriginal Portal features an online, interactive tool to help you find different types of funding available specifically for Aboriginal peoples in Canada.

Click here to access the Aboriginal Funding Tool.


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Personal Finance


The Provincial Mediation Board's Credit Counseling and Debt Management Services can help you find solutions to your debt problems. For more information, please visit the Credit Counseling and Debt Management Services website.

Get Credit Smart

Library books:



The Squawkfox and Wise Bread websites are jam-packed with ideas for how to live a good life within your means!

Save $500 a Month
Save An Extra 8% Per Year
Saving Penny
Slash Your Grocery Bill

Library magazine:

Library books:



Are You Saving As Much As the Average Canadian?
Emergency Fund – How Much Should It Be?
Got a Short-Term Savings Goal? Here’s Where to Put Your Money
Increase Your Insurance Deductibles
Pay Yourself First vs. Draw Up a Budget
Saving for Your Child’s Education
Simple Saving
Using Software to Track Spending
Visualize the Payoff

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The Saskatchewan Real Estate Commission is an independent, non-governmental agency responsible for the regulation of the real estate industry. The Commission is mandated to protect consumers and to provide services that enhance and improve the industry and the business of industry members.

Make Extra Mortgage Payments

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Build a GIC Ladder
GICs vs Bonds
Safety in GICs
When To Use a Tax-Free Savings Account

Library magazines & newspapers:
Canadian MoneySaver
Investment Reporter
Investor's Digest of Canada
The MoneyLetter

Library books:



How Much Money Will I Need to Retire?
Reduce Your Retirement Needs
Reinvest to Ramp Up Your RRSP
Smart Ways to Use Spousal RRSPs
What’s A Realistic Savings Goal?

Library books:



The Canada Revenue Agency’s (CRA) Community Volunteer Income Tax Program helps eligible individuals who are not able to complete their income tax and benefit returns by themselves. Find out if you’re eligible but visiting the CRA’s website.

Double Your Tax Savings

Library magazine:
The Taxpayer

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Sesame Street has created a series of videos including: Learning to Save, Learning to Wait, Making Choices and Job Song!

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Categories: 8) Sales & Marketing

Sales & Marketing

You have a product and a venue, and you’ve done your research - now you need customers and a profit! Consider the following:
• How will you brand your product or service?
• What is your advertising budget?
• Should you use social media?

Learn more:
Advertising Guidelines for Small Retailer Firms
Association of Canadian Advertisers
Canadian Marketing Association
Canadian Public Relations Society
Marketing and Sales
Marketing Checklist for Small Retailers

Library magazine:

Library books:

Market Research & Company Information

Market research involves gathering information about your community to guide the development of your business. Questions to consider:
• What are the demographics of the community?
• Does the community need your business?
• Who is your competition in the area?

The Saskbiz website provides comprehensive economic and quality of life information for communities and regions in Saskatchewan.

Learn more:
Canadian Industry Statistics
City of Regina Facts
City of Regina Neighbourhood Profiles
Guide to Market Research and Analysis
Industry Canada Economic & Market Research Statistics
Market Research and Statistics
Saskatchewan Bureau of Statistics
Statistics Canada 2006 Community Profile for Regina

Company information:
Canadian Company Capabilities
Canadian Trade Index
Industry Canada Company Directories

Library database:
Business and Company Resource Center

Library magazine:
Sask Trends Monitor

Library books:
The Blue Book of Canadian Business
Canadian Trade Index
Guide to Canadian Manufacturers
Regina & District Chamber of Commerce Business Directory
Saskatchewan Business-to-Business Sales & Marketing Directory

Location, location, location!

There are many things to consider when selecting a location for your business.
For example:
• Is the area zoned for retail business?
• What will your property taxes be?
• How much space will you need?

Learn more:
City of Regina Assessment & Tax
City of Regina Bylaws
Store Location
Store Location – “Little Things” Mean A Lot

Categories: 5) Making It Legal

Making It Legal

What legalities do you need to follow as a business? Here are some things to consider:
• Has your business been registered with various levels of government?
• Do you have a Business Number for taxation and payroll purposes?
• Do you need any special permits?

The Saskatchewan Government’s BizPal website is especially helpful for determining which permits and licenses you will need for your business.

Information Services Corporation (ISC) is a Crown corporation in Saskatchewan responsible for registries. Its website contains useful information about regulation and registration for businesses.

Consulting a lawyer will ensure that you correctly follow the steps to making your business legal. The Canada-Saskatchewan Business Service Centre's Guest Advisor Program allows you to speak with a lawyer or business consultant for 30 minutes free of charge!

Learn more:
Business Name and Registration
Canadian Intellectual Property Office
Legal Issues in Starting a Business
Product Licensing
Regina and Area Agencies Providing Licenses and Government Information
Saskatchewan Electronic Tax Services
Saskatchewan Provincial Sales Tax Vendor's License & Business Assets Declaration forms

Library books:
Butterworths Wrongful Dismissal Practice Manual
Canadian Labour Arbitration
O'Brien's Encyclopedia of Forms
Preparing Your Corporate Tax Returns

Categories: 4) Financing


You will need to decide how much money is needed to open and operate your business. Financing may come from a variety of sources including a financial institution, government agencies such as the Business Development Bank of Canada, or charitable groups like the Canada Youth Business Foundation.

The Canada-Saskatchewan Business Service Centre's Guest Advisor Program allows you to speak with an accounting advisor for 30 minutes free of charge!

Learn more:
Canadian Venture Capital Association
Dealing with Your Banker and Other Lenders
Financial Consumer Agency of Canada
Financing Your Business
Lending – The Basic Criteria
Saskatchewan Angel Investor Network
Small Business Loans Association
SME Benchmarking Tool

Library databases:
Canadian Directory of Foundations and Corporations (contains information on over 2,200 Canadian grant-making foundations and over 150 American foundations with a history of granting in Canada). Note: In-Library use only.
Financial Services Canada

Library books:

Categories: 3) The Business Plan

The Business Plan

Your business plan is an essential point of reference for your business that:
• Defines your business
• Analyzes your market
• Explains your finances, and much more!

Learn more:
Business Plan Guide
Business Planning (includes templates & samples)
Regina Business Planning Competition

Library databases:
Gale Virtual Reference Library (includes an electronic version of the Business Plans Handbook)
Small Business Resource Centre (click the “Sample Business Plans” button)

Library books:

The Right Business for You

• Sole proprietorship
• Partnership
• Corporation, or
• Cooperative?

Learn more:
Forms of Business Organization – Canada Business
Forms of Business Organization – Enterprise Saskatchewan


This is a risky option but it allows the most freedom in terms of how the company will develop. Taking the time to develop a sound business idea is essential. Here are some things you should consider:

• Is your idea original?
• Will people pay for your product or service?
• How do you promote and distribute the product or service?
• What are the benefits & challenges?

Learn more:
Developing Your Ideas

Library books:


This option may offer an existing client base and venue, but before proceeding, you must ask yourself a number of questions:
• Why is the business for sale?
• What is the business worth?

Learn more:
Buying a Business – Canada Business
Buying a Business – Enterprise Saskatchewan


A franchiser can supply a product or service as well as training and other support to a franchisee. Other questions to consider:
• How do I find a franchise to own?
• What are the terms of the franchise contract?
• How do I franchise my existing business?

Learn more:
Canadian Franchise Association
Checklists for Franchisees

Library magazine:

Library books:


Is working from home an option for you? Here are some things to consider:
• Do you have a designated work area in your home?
• Do you have all of the necessary permits and licenses?

Learn more:
City of Regina Home-Based Business Zoning Approvals & License Application
Expansion of Your Home-Based Business
Home-Based Business
Home-Based Business in Saskatchewan

Library books:

Are You an Entrepreneur?

Being an entrepreneur can be exciting but unpredictable. Is this the lifestyle for you?

Learn more:
Feasibility Checklist for Starting a Small Business
Is Entrepreneurship for You?
Points to Consider When Starting Your Own Business

Library magazine:

Library books:

How Do I Start a Business in Regina?

Your first step is research!

The Canada Business, Enterprise Saskatchewan, and Information Services Corporation websites, along with the numbered subheadings to the left can help you get started!


Books, Newspapers & More

You can borrow books, magazines & DVDs on a wide variety of business topics free of charge. Just bring two pieces of ID to any Regina Public Library location for your free Library card!

Career Development
Consumer Behaviour
Customer Service
Home-based Businesses

Starting Your Own Business
Resumes and Employment


Business Week
Canadian Business
The Economist
Franchise Canada
Harvard Business Review

Investor's Digest of Canada
Money Sense
Report on Business
Saskatchewan Business
Sask Trends Monitor
The Taxpayer
Trade and Commerce


AV Market Place
Brands & Their Companies
Canadian & American Mines Handbook
Canadian Oil Register

Canadian Trade Index
Guide to Canadian Manufacturers
Sales & Marketing Directories
World Chamber of Commerce Directory


Breakthrough Listening
Criticism: Giving and Taking
Hiring Success

Managing People - Key Skills
Motivating Your Employees
Successful Termination


Want to read business information online? No problem!

With your Library card, get free access to a wide variety of electronic databases with information from Canadian, U.S., and international sources including:


Canadian Directory to Foundations and Corporations
This database contains information on over 2,200 Canadian grant-making foundations and over 150 American foundations with a history of granting in Canada.
Note: In-Library use only.

Consumer Reports Online provides ratings and reviews, recommendations and buying advice across several franchises. Each product includes an overview and a ratings report card, as well as tester reviews & recommendations.

Gale Virtual Reference Library
Access the Encyclopedia of Business and Finance and the Business Plans Handbook through the Gale Virtual Reference Library. The Business Plans Handbook contains actual business plans compiled by, and aimed at, entrepreneurs seeking funding for small businesses.

Read eBooks or listen to audiobooks on your computer or mobile device! Titles include: 78 Tax Tips for Canadians for Dummies, 101 Secrets to Building a Winning Business, and The First-Time Manager.
Check out this information to help you get started with eBooks and audiobooks!

Read today's newspapers in full-color, full-page format! PressDisplay has more than 400 newspapers from over 65 countries in over 35 languages. Up to a 60 day archive is available.
Note: Only a limited number of concurrent users are allowed on at one time so please log off when you are finished.

Click here to view our other business databases.

Categories: Meeting Room Rental

Meeting Room Rental

Meeting rooms are available for rent at most Regina Public Library locations. Rooms can be booked during the Library's hours of operation. Rooms are booked on a first come, first served basis. For general inquiries, call 306-777-6000 or send us an email message.

Categories: Computer Services

Internet, Computer & Scanning Services

At the Regina Public Library, use of computers is FREE with your library card! Many workstations are equipped with internet access and a range of software including Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel. Each Regina Public Library location also offers scanning services in JPG or PDF format.

Click here to make a reservation to use a computer.

Before using the computers, please read our Library Internet Access Policy.

Business Agencies in Saskatchewan


Categories: Funding

Small Business Internship Program

Are you taking advantage of the possibilities offered by e-business? Industry Canada's Small Business Internship Program seeks to improve the competitiveness of small or medium-sized businesses by supporting them to actively market on-line and improve their competitiveness with e-business practices and technologies.

For more information and to apply, click here!


Categories: Funding

Spin Master Innovation Fund

The Canadian Youth Business Foundation, (CYBF) has teamed up with one of Canada’s most innovative companies, Spin Master Ltd., to launch a new program, aimed at young entrepreneurs with big ideas.

The Spin Master Innovation Fund is offering 10 valuable start-up packages that provide up to $50,000 in seed capital and the customized support needed to transform an innovative idea into a booming business. The official program launch is April 27th.

To learn more, visit:


Categories: Web Resources

Canada Get Your Business Online!

If you’re a business owner without a website, you probably have a good reason for it. Maybe you thought it was too expensive or took too much time? Maybe you were overwhelmed by the technology and didn’t know where to start?

Canada Get Your Business Online is a new program that provides businesses a fast, free, and easy way to get online.

Here’s what you get:
* Free, easy to build website
* Free web address
* Free advice and resources

Click here to get started!


Categories: Funding

Business Start-Up Financing from CYBF!

The Canadian Youth Business Foundation (CYBF) offers financing opportunities for your business:

Start and Grow with up to $45,000
-Qualified entrepreneurs could be offered up to $45,000 in financing based on character and a great business idea, not collateral.

Starting up: Get up to $45,000 in start-up financing!
-Eligible young entrepreneurs could be provided with start-up financing of up to $15,000, with flexible three to five year repayment terms. CYBF approved applicants have access to two Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC) dollars for every one CYBF dollar. That’s a total of up to $45,000 in seed capital with one application!

Growing the Business: Expansion financing up to $30,000
-Once entrepreneurs have launched their business, supplementary financing may be required to grow or expand it. CYBF offers qualified entrepreneurs, who have been in operation between 36 to 60 months, with expansion financing of up to $30,000 with one application.

For more information and to apply for financing, contact the CYBF!


Categories: Funding

Create Summer Jobs for Students

Canada Summer Jobs 2011 is a Government of Canada initiative that provides funding to help employers create summer job opportunities for students.

The program is focused on encouraging not-for-profit organizations, public sector employers and small businesses with 50 or fewer employees to create jobs that not only meet their needs, but also benefit students looking to gain work experiences.

For more information, call 1-800-935-5555 or check out the Service Canada website.