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Christopher Campbell Gardiner: Riddance

Curated by Wendy Peart, Education and Community Outreach


Exhibit runs from April 1 to June 7, 2917 at Sherwood Gallery.

Additional Information

Artist in attendance throughout exhibition, Monday to Friday, 10:00 am-4:00 pm
Reception: Saturday, June 3, 1:00 pm

Riddance represents a shift in artist Christopher Campbell Gardiner’s remarkably consistent, process-based, and highly-introverted work. For over twenty years, Gardiner has been creating anxiety containments, encasing objects that are a source or symbol of personal anxieties by wrapping them in cloth, encasing them in lead-lined boxes, wrapping the boxes in cottons which are fastidiously hand-stitched along the edges, and sealing the boxes air-tight with layers of paint.

For this exhibition, members of the public are invited to contribute a hand written letter explaining a personal anxiety, fear, or negativity, which will be permanently encased by the artist, onsite in the gallery. Requirements and conditions for contributions are as follows:
- Hand written letter must be in an initialized/dated sealed envelope
- Letters can be mailed or dropped off at Dunlop Central Gallery by March 24, 2017, c/o Wendy Peart

Christopher Campbell Gardiner received his MFA from the University of Regina in 1998. For over twenty years he has been collecting anxieties and transforming them into visual and philosophical apparatus in the form of handmade, ritualized objects. He has exhibited throughout Western Canada and his work is in the collection of the Saskatchewan Arts Board.

Christopher Gardiner Campbell, Cancer-Ivan August Sellers, 2004-2008, wood, lead elements, beeswax, brass screws, industrial felt, grommets, brocade cotton fabric, thread, gesso, gold latex paint and shellac Photo credit: the artist


Apr 21, 12:00am


Dunlop Sherwood Gallery