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Ursula Biemann: Subatlantic

Curated by Jennifer Matotek, Director/Curator


Exhibit runs from May 4 to July 5, 2017 at Central Mediatheque

Additional Information

Appealing simultaneously to the various meanings of the term “Subatlantic” - a climatic phase beginning 2500 years ago, as well as the submerged regions of the Atlantic - Ursula Biemann immerses her camera deep in oceanic waters to ponder upon the entanglements of geological time with that of human history. As the voiceover speaks the accounts of a scientist traversing the pan-generational timescales of the Subatlantic, we navigate through the mental and ecological dimensions of the melting Arctic icescapes. The speculative video-essay interweaves vast cinematic landscapes with documentary footage, science fiction poetry and academic findings to narrate a changing planetary reality.

Ursula Biemann studied art and critical theory in Mexico and at the School of Visual Arts (BFA) and the Whitney Independent Study Program in New York (1988). Her art and curatorial practice focuses on gender and globalization issues regarding migration, free trade zones, virtual communication and borders. She is based in Zurich, Switzerland.

Ursula Biemann, Subatlantic, 2015, video. Image courtesy of the artist


May 4, 12:00am


Dunlop Central Mediatheque