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The Generator: Photo Sensitive


Exhibition runs from April 6, 2019 to May 5, 2019 at Central Gallery.

Additional Information

Photo Sensitive brings together photographs created during Winter 2019 workshops led by Calgary artist Dianne Bos and Regina artists Carrie Smith and Risa Horowitz. Presented here are explorations in traditional pinhole camera photography as well as contemporary digital photography made by adults, youth, and children from the Regina community.

 Included is a selection of photographs from Regina Public Library’s Permanent Collection, featuring lens-based artworks that play with the idea of the “landscape”.

 Special thanks to teacher Ryan Caswell and the students of Winston Knoll Collegiate for their participation in Diane Bos’ pinhole camera workshop and to the participants of Carrie Smith’s pinhole camera and Risa Horowitz’s street photography workshops.

 This project is a part of The Generator series. The Generator is a series featuring community-engaged projects that are created or led by artists, and often presented in alterative and digital spaces to increase access to art and artists.

Photo: Dianne Bos, Pond Farm, (Bomb Pool), Wulvergem, Belgium, 2014. Image courtesy the artist.


2019, Apr 23 - All day


Dunlop Central Gallery, Central Gallery