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Karly Stark : 2076 (elegy)

Curated by Blair Fornwald


Exhibition runs from November 9, 2018 to January 17, 2019.

Additional Information

Karly Stark’s experimental science fiction film is narrated by a cyborg who finds celluloid footage shot by their great-grandmother – the first woman in their family to marry another woman, and the last to die as an “unaided” human being.  The filmmaker’s celluloid images capture fragments of her everyday life – the gaze of her partner, the autumn leaves, the surface of an oak tree, and the urban landscape of pre-2020s California. Viewing this footage prompts the narrator to reflect on their own memories, history, and identity, and more broadly, on the ways that past and present inform one another and are drawn together through the archive.

Karly Stark is an experimental filmmaker, educator, and curator based in Oakland, California.  


Karly Stark, 2076 (elegy), 2016, film, 5:40. Funded by Cinefemme with support from SFSU School of Cinema. Collection of the Artist, Courtesy of Canadian Filmmakers Distribution Centre. 


Jan 14 - All day


Central Adult