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A Stitch and Time


The Generator project from September 29, 2019 to October 28, 2019 at Central Gallery.

Additional Information

September 9 to October 2: Lois Klassen and Lori Weidenhammer: Slofemists

October 12: Mindy Yan Miller and Suzanne Miller: Needle and Thread

October 18 to 20: Heather Majaury and Terre Chartrand: Neighbours: A Community Quilting Project

October 25 to 27: Stacey Fayant: Hand-Sewn with Love/kashkwaykashoon a maen avik shakihitowin

Featuring installations, performances, workshops and community stitching sessions, A Stitch and Time investigates stitching as traditional practice, as activism, as a means of commemoration, and as a tool for community building and intercultural exchange.  In Lori Weidenhammer and Lois Klassen’s Slofemist project, community members join the artists to create embroidered patches commemorating feminist heroes. Mindy Yan Miller and Suzanne Miller’s Needle and Thread is a commemorative performance and installation wherein the names of the victims of the Holocaust are stitched onto a dress created from cast-off clothing.  To address the Truth & Reconciliation’s Call to Action #93, Heather Majaury and Terre Chartrand’s Neighbours: A Community Quilting Project encourages story sharing between newcomers to Canada and Indigenous peoples. In Hand-Sewn with Love/kashkwaykashoon a maen avik shakihitowin Métis artist Stacey Fayant will provide comfort, love and medicine by tattooing the skin of friends using traditional skin-stitching methods. 

The Generator is a seasonal presentation series featuring community engaged projects that are created or led by artists, and often presented in alternative and digital spaces to increase access to art and artists.

Mindy Yan Miller and Suzanne Miller, Needle and Thread, 2018,  performance, Arizona State University. Photo: Anna Clare Spelman. 


2019, Sep 29 - All day


Dunlop Central Gallery,