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Holophon Listening Station

Erin Gee - We as Waves
Holophon is proud to present sound work by Erin Gee at the Dunlop Art Gallery Digital Lounge March 21 to May 16, 2022

Additional Information

We as Waves is my poetic interpretation of ideas put forth by Tara Rodgers in her essay "Towards a feminist epistemology of sound: Refiguring Waves in Audio-Technical discourse." In this work, Rodgers pushes back against the Western ideal of the sine wave as the basis for all sound: instead she emphasises transduction and connection as fundamental to sonic experience. I collaborated with queer playright Jena McLean to translate these ideas into an evocative text for sensually layered electronic music I constructed through transformations of my whispers and gentle taps, crunches, and crinkles, grounding my exploration of feminist thought, sonic physics, hypnotism in sonic aesthetics of sensuality, vulnerability, transductive relationality, and dark humor.

Performing simple, engaging instructions and sonic "triggers," I consider the ways that audience bodies and the performance space itself extends my voice and hand-manipulated sounds into a shared sonics that are physiological and affective, drawing awareness to how music connects to the body and mind in playful and abstract ways. I consider psychosomatic practices of ASMR, hypnotism, EMDR gestures, and sensory reprogramming as a critical extension to the technologies of biofeedback: integrating performative and gendered acts of care, therapy, social interaction, intimacy, and unconscious sensory feedback into electroacoustic experience.

Even though I'm just a recording - I'm really here, with what is really you, right now. Let's explore this.


Erin Gee is an artist and composer born in Regina and currently based in Montreal. Through her work, Gee hybridizes new media, art-science and performance into unique artworks that foreground unconscious and affect-driven experience – the physiology of emotion, hypnotism, feminist theory and the placebo effect are her current inspirations. Working with the human voice as a conceptual object, she likens the vibration of vocal folds to electricity and data across systems, or vibrations across matter. She is a DIY expert in affective biofeedback, using sensors to implicate the body of the listener as part of her cybernetic systems in sound. Her work in vocal composition, networked performance, ASMR, VR, AI and robotics has been shown at venues such as MacKenzie Art Gallery (CA), Akousma Festival (CA), LEV Festival (ES), MUTEK (CA/ES/AR), Darling Foundry (CA), Toronto Biennale (CA), Elektra Festival (CA), FILE festival (BR), Ars Electronica (AT), NRW Forum (DE), and MediaLive Festival (US).

Holophon Audio Arts is a non-profit organization supporting sound art and experimental music in Saskatchewan. The organization was founded in 2008 and is centered in Treaty 4 Territory/Regina.

Holophon engages communities using sound as an artistic medium, promoting sound art and experimental music through live performances, concerts, workshops, community events, and educational programming. In our projects we look for ways to unite artists and audiences across disciplines and specializations using sound as an integral artistic component.

Holophon works to increase awareness of and to develop sound art practices in the province of Saskatchewan and on the Great Plains of Canada, and to encourage and facilitate discussion around critical and creative listening.


2022, May 14 2022 - All day


Dunlop Digital Lounge,


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