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Stephen Andrews: a small part of something larger

Andrews, Stephen (2007)

Stephen Andrews: a small part of something larger

This catalogue documents a solo exhibition by Toronto-based artist Stephen Andrews at Dunlop Art Gallery, November 17, 2006 to January 14, 2007. The installation consisted of work produced within the last two years and appropriated from the archive of images of global conflict since the invasion of Iraq in 2003 replica rolex Andrews converts the supposedly objective, mechanically reproduced images of the news media into a subjective, physically imperfect image marked by the artist's gesture. The viewer is invited to view these serial media images not as discrete units of information, but rather as a small part of something larger, situated between a cause and consequence, reminded that there is a space before the beginning and after the end.

Curator: Jacob Korczynski
Description: 2 pages, 7 colour images
Essay: Jacob Korczynski
ISBN: 978-1-894882-21-7

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