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The Bob Boyer Children's Collaborative Project


Boyer, Bob (1993)

In 1992 Dunlop Art Gallery sponsored a children's workshop led by artist Bob Boyer, which explored collaborative interaction as an alternative to conventional instructional formats in art-making. Boyer and fourteen 9 to 12 year old inner city native children worked together for four weeks. The children learned to use the available materials according to concepts they themselves developed, and documented their activities in video and photography. The unexpected sophistication of their work comes not only from its blending of media culture with Plains Indian influences; it is also the outcome of thinking like artists and having formed their own "kids subculture." Introduction/Foreword: Bob Boyer/Ingrid Jenkner

Curator: Ingrid Jenkner
Description: 22 pages; 6 b&w, 10 colour illustrations
Essay: Morgan Wood
ISBN: 0-90085-56-3

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