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S.P.A.N.E. 2021 - LAND


Free Admission | Wednesday, October 20 -7PM CST | Canada | 2021 | 60min | STC | Curated by Johannes Zits

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Stream these films as of October 13 on Vucavu.

Working in nature, interacting with it or just being there can be inspiring. These activities may also spark one’s imagination and create the potential for performances. Capturing these performances opens the possibility for its ephemerality to be revisited and shared. S.P.A.N.E. (Screening of Performance Art in the Natural Environment) was originally conceived ten years ago as a platform for collectively viewing and discussing videos of performances collectively. S.P.A.N.E. 2021, is curated by artist/curator Johannes Zits, whose own practice shares an affinity with cultures in which humanity is seen as continuous with nature.

Zits will present a selection of diverse works where the performers are interacting within a natural setting. Each of the videos presented at SPANE 2021 will reference one of the four basic elements: WATER, AIR, LAND and FIRE.

For the videos in S.P.A.N.E. 2021: LAND, the artists place themselves in a landscape that they converse with. While some sites are readily understood, other conversations are challenging and at times, soul searching. All of the videos are, fundamentally, personal engagements; responses to the sites where the artists have found themselves in. In each of these encounters the artists have found a way to foreground the land. We come from the earth. In one way or another, we are inextricably tie to it through the place with inhabit, the ground we walk on, and the foods we eat; and eventually we all return to the earth. Watching and listening to what the land has to say to us; observing its life forces, is a way of honouring and respecting this most fundamental of elements.


Oct 20 2021, 7:00pm


Film Theatre,


Independent Visions, Free Films, Experimental
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