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Film Fandom - Muriel's Wedding

Introduced by Spoiler Alert's Sean Dunham


Free Admission | Thursday July 7 - 7:00 PM CST | Australia | 1996 | 106min | STC/R | Directed by P.J. Hogan Introduced by Spoiler Alert's Sean Dunham

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A young social outcast in Australia steals money from her parents to finance a vacation where she hopes to find happiness, and perhaps love.

Introduction by Sean Dunham:
Muriel is one of those characters that is so achingly precise. While I was not a toothy, luminescent Australian, I did relate to the inherent queer experience of being Muriel: an outsider obsessed with the notion of having a boyfriend, a grossly dependent relationship with pop music, a dedication to being fashionably distinct. The painful awkwardness of a person who pointedly does not belong where they live but has a niggling fantasy that there is a carefree, glamourous version of their life being lived elsewhere. Muriel contains so many multitudes: within moments she can be a selfish, lying manipulator (again: been there) and in the next will break your heart with her hurt and emptiness. Toni Collette is completely arresting as this strange and complicated character and Jeanie Drynan’s turn as her crushed mother will stick with you for time immemorial. An iconic ABBA soundtrack, retaliatory dance number and a costuming aesthetic that makes accessories work overtime is simply icing on this amazing film.

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Jul 7 2022, 7:00pm - 7:30pm


Film Theatre,


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