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Feast Your Eyes: From Seed to Seed


Saturday July 16 - 3:00PM CST | Canada | 2019 | 89 min | STC | Directed by Katharina Stieffenhofer Foodie Partner: Hillside Food

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Film only: $10
Film plus food box: $20
Full meal deal - all films and meals: $50

Feast Your Eyes: Foodie Film Festival is a collaboration between the RPL Film Theatre and the Regina Farmers’ Market, and features a full course of screenings, performances, discussions, dinners and workshops.

Each screening is accompanied by a delicious serving of a local culinary creation.


From Seed to Seed is a feature-length documentary about the growing momentum of regenerative agriculture, a blend of small- and large-scale farmers, cutting edge science with age old traditions, and fascinating folks.

Climate change is posing increasing challenges to farmers’ ability to grow food and to make a living. On this journey through a growing season from seeding to harvest, we experience the beautiful and sometimes harsh world of those who grow our food.

Join us for a Q&A after the film with the director.

Katharina Stieffenhofer is a Winnipeg documentary filmmaker, with a passion for social justice, ecological agriculture and healthy communities.

Her love of Nature and appreciation of farmers is rooted in her childhood / youth growing up on a mixed family farm on a Rhine island in Germany and expanded when her parents immigrated to Canada to become grain farmers in Southern Manitoba.

Katharina obtained a Fine Arts Degree from the University of Manitoba (1996) and exhibited nationally and internationally during her 16-year visual art practice.
In 2001 she began working in the Manitoba film industry and has worked on ~ 45 films in various capacities in the art department, most notably as Art Director on Guy Maddin’s “My Winnipeg”.

This film will be preceded by the short film:


2022 | 5:35 min | Canada | Bill Burns

The Salt, the Donkey, the Goats, the Milk, the Honey is a performance that unfolded at the Oculus Pavilion in Toronto’s South Humber Park. The performance includes a procession of musicians, goats, farmers, beekeepers and a donkey. The musicians play songs about milk, honey, donkeys, container ships and campfires. At the end of the day, Bill mixes the milk and honey and salt together. He calls this “The Mixing of Milk and Honey and Salt.”

Bill began his long-duration performance, otherwise called The Great Donkey Walk or The Great Trade at Amden, Switzerland, in September 2018. With the help of two donkeys, he carried salt from the local salt mine up some gentle slopes in the Swiss Alps. On the way up the mountain, he traded some salt for apples at the orchard, then he traded apples for honey at the beekeeper’s house. At the top of the mountain, he served apples drizzled with honey and a pinch of salt.


Jul 16 2022, 3:00pm - 4:30pm


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Special Event, Festival, Documentary
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