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TRC Films: Enough is Enough


Free Admission | Friday Sept 30 - 2:00 PM CST | Canada | 2020 | 30min | STC | Directed by RSO

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Enough is Enough unravels what we think we know about Indigenous people in the context of Canada and rebuild a collective understanding of how we can learn from Indigenous knowledge and spirituality to make our home in Canada better for everyone. Inspired by my own pursuit of self-love, healing, and joy. The following lessons are steppingstones – a pathway for engaging the whole human self in learning and growing. Along my journey, I learned, you can’t think your way out of a broken heart. I want people to know that they are enough, to feel that they are enough, and to know that all people, animals, plants, minerals, and emotions all have a place in this world just like you. They are all enough too. Our journey is not theirs, so our judgements have no place in their journey. I want this unit to inspire compassion, will, solidarity and love.


Sep 30 2022, 2:00pm - 3:00pm


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