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All RPL branches, including our Book Drops, are closed until further notice. Due dates and hold shelf expiry dates have been extended, and fines will be suspended during the closure.

Common questions

    I forgot my PIN! Can you reset it?

    If you have an email address on file with us, you can reset your own PIN.

    Don't have an email address on file with us? No problem! Visit any RPL location or any other Saskatchewan public library and speak to a staff member who will be happy to assist you. Be sure to bring your library card or other identification to help us protect the security of your account.

    Why can’t I see what number I am in the hold queue?

    Holds are not filled in a purely numeric order. They are filled in a way that ensures that customers of a library system get first access to items owned by that library system.  

    For example, you may be the seventh person in the queue, but if you are the only RPL customer waiting, and a copy owned by RPL is checked in, you will receive it next. Because of this it is virtually impossible to create an accurate record of where any particular customer is in the queue.

    I have a library card but when I try to use some of your digital services it tells me that I'm not allowed to access it - why?

    Do you live or pay taxes in the city of Regina? If not, you should be using the digital services found on your home library system's website. Access to many digital services is not shared between different library systems around the province of Saskatchewan.

    You can switch to your home library system's website or you can contact us using one of the methods given at the right of this page to verify the information on your library account.

    How do I request titles that the library doesn't have?

    Our catalogue contains materials from both Regina Public Library and all of the other public libraries in Saskatchewan. Most of these materials can be requested by Regina customers and will be brought to you from anywhere in the Province!

    If you can't find the item you want in the online catalogue, we can get it for you from another library... anywhere in Canada!

    To request an item you may:

    When we receive your request, we will determine whether we wish to purchase the item or send the request out to other libraries in Canada.

    How do I get a library card with the library closed?

    Even though we're closed, we can still get you a library card!

    Call us at 306.777.6000, between 1:00 pm and 5:00 pm daily, to activate your account and get started with exploring our digital services.

    How do I pay outstanding fines on my card?

    You will be notified by email, phone, or mail if your items are overdue. You can check the amount owing on your card by logging in to the site at the top of the page.. Library fines can be paid at any RPL location or online with a Visa or Mastercard

    Did you know? If you have an email address on file with us, you can receive a pre-overdue notice that your items are about to become due. This will help you return them on time and avoid overdue fines!

    Avoid overdue fines and loss of borrowing privileges by returning materials on time. Fines on overdue materials accumulate daily. Borrowing privileges are suspended when fines or fees total $10.00 or more or a bill to replace lost or damaged material is assessed. An additional $7.00 processing fee is applied to each lost or damaged item.

    Borrowing privileges are reinstated when fines and fees are paid down to an amount less than $10.00 and/or lost material is returned and any bill for replacement or damage is paid.

    If an item is returned in good condition within 6 months of the payment date, a refund will be made, minus any overdue fines and fees. 

    Summary of Loan Periods, Renewals and Fines

    Material Overdue Fine
    Adult books, magazines, CDs, spoken word 30 cents / day to a maximum of $6.30
    DVDs and videos $1.00 / day to a maximum of $7.00
    Popular Picks $1.00 / day to a maximum of $7.00
    Young Adult items (excluding DVDs and videos) 20 cents / day to a maximum of $4.20
    Children's items No fines. *See Note below.


    * Note: A $7.00 non-refundable processing fee will be charged on each lost or damaged item that is billed to your account for replacement, including Children's materials.

    Can I donate books and other materials to the library?

    Thinking of donating to the library? Why not consider a monetary donation, or a donation of your time as a volunteer?

    If you are considering donating materials (books, DVDs, etc.) to the library, here are some guidelines to help you with the decision-making process.

    • Materials must be:
      • new - nothing beyond two or three years old;
      • in good condition;
      • free of mildew, mould, dirt or water damage; and
      • free from excessive spine damage, missing pages, or missing covers.
    • Media sets must be complete and include the original case art.

    With this in mind, we accept:

    • books;
    • DVDs;
    • CDs;
    • video games;
    • graphic novels; and
    • musical instruments (gently used stringed instruments, keyboards, and light percussion.)

    Ensure each item meets our donation requirements. When in doubt, give only what you would consider as good quality for your own use.

    RPL doesn't accept:

    • materials we deem to be in poor condition;
    • DVDs, BluRay, CDs or videogames without their original packaging;
    • encyclopedia sets;
    • magazines;
    • audio cassettes and VHS tapes; or
    • Reader's Digest condensed books

    Disposal of materials

    If you donate materials that are not added to the library's collection, we will dispose of them. Disposal methods include offering materials in a library book sale, donating the materials to a charity, or recycling them. Please do not use the library to get rid of unwanted items - handling and disposing of materials costs RPL money.

    The Library is not responsible for informing donors about the outcome of their donations. Nor do we assess the monetary value of, or issue tax receipts for, donated materials.

     Ask a Librarian Chat

    JavaScript disabled or chat unavailable.

    RPL's online chat service, LibraryH3lp, is only available during the Library's regular hours of service when staff are logged on and ready to help you:

    Mon - Thur: 1:00pm - 5:00pm
    Fri: 1:00pm - 5:00pm
    Sat: 1:00pm - 5:00pm
    Sun: 1:00pm - 5:00pm

    If you have difficulty using LibraryH3lp, or have a question when we are offline, please send an email to 

    or phone us on 306.777.6000 (306.777.6111 for renewals).

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