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Digital Media Studio

    What is the Digital Media Studio?

    The Digital Media Studio offers dedicated equipment, computers, software and production space for learning and creating music, audio recording, video production and editing, and other creative digital media projects. It is designed for small groups and individuals who seek to create and edit media projects involving, but not limited to, video, audio, music, photography, and illustration.

    Is the Digital Media Studio open the same hours as Central?

    The Digital Media Studio has its own hours of operation focused on evenings and weekends. Current hours are listed on the Digital Media Studio landing page.

    Do I have to have a library card to use the Digital Media Studio?

    Yes. An active card from a SILS member library is required to book equipment or workstations or use the WhisperRoom Sound Studio or Green Screen Flex Studio. If you are coming with a group, at least one must have an active library card and will be considered the responsible card holder in terms of damage or loss of any equipment, workstations or studio space. We encourage all visitors to get library cards.

    There are extra restrictions around checking out equipment.

    Do you allow food or drink in the Digital Media Studio?

    No food is allowed in the WhisperRoom Sound Studio and only sealable drink containers are allowed anywhere in the Digital Media Studio.

    Do you offer tours of the Digital Media Studio?

    Digital Media Studio staff offer regular tours and orientations. We can also accommodate drop-in visits from customers who wish to familiarize themselves with the space and its offerings.

    Masks, including masks for kids, are available for you.

    Do I need a class or training session to use the Digital Media Studio?

    Using the Digital Media Studio or its equipment will not require attending a class or training session but using specific pieces of equipment may require you to be oriented by our staff before you are permitted to use it independently.

    I've never done sound and video work before, can you help me?

    Regina Public Library offers regular programming in the Digital Media Studio to demonstrate the use of computer software, production equipment, and project workflow techniques. Comprehensive online training, eBook and physical book resources are available through our digital services and in our collection. We suggest starting with LinkedIn Learning as it has numerous courses of interest in these areas.

    Scheduled one-on-one training sessions with Digital Media Studio staff are highly encouraged for assistance with our software and equipment. Appointments can be made online using our Tech Help booking tool.

    How will reservations for the Digital Media Studio equipment and spaces work?

    The four media workstations, WhisperRoom Sound Studio and Green Screen Flex Studio can all be reserved for three hours per day. You can make your own reservation online. If you drop-in, staff will assist you with making an on-the-spot reservation.

    When you arrive for your reservation, you will need to check in with Digital Media Studio staff and present your library card. Staff will ensure that the card making the reservation matches the card presented upon check-in. If you do not have your card with you, staff will make a reasonable effort to validate that you are the customer who made the reservation and may ask to see identification.

    What is the WhisperRoom?

    The WhisperRoom is a sound studio with recording equipment, microphones and instruments. It is fully wheelchair accessible and ready to meet your recording needs!

    How many people fit into the WhisperRoom?

    The WhisperRoom Sound Studio will comfortably fit 4 adults and their instruments. This includes space for the recording and mixing equipment. If your group is larger or you have different needs, contact us and we'll see what we can do for you!

    Do you have instruments? Can I bring my own?

    We have some instruments available in the WhisperRoom Sound Studio when you book it including guitars, bass, keyboard and an electronic drum kit. However, if you prefer your own instruments you are welcome to bring them.

    Bookings automatically include 15 minutes of setup and breakdown time but extensive changes may require a larger amount of both so please consider that when reserving the space.

    What is green screen?

    Green screen is a technique used in film-making and photography to make it simpler and easier to add backgrounds, characters or other images. Once the visual content is captured, automatic software colour selection and removal tools allow the uniform green colour to be replaced with the desired images.

    One use of green screen technology that you're probably familiar with is to add maps and weather data to meteorological forecasts on television and the internet. Green screens are also used in movies to create imaginary places and things or to simulate far away places.

    Blue screen is also used in this process but bright green is often chosen as the colour because it is not part of human skin tones nor is it a colour that is worn very often.

    What can I do on the Digital Media Studio workstations?

    Digital Media Studio workstations are available for customers working on digital media projects including:

    • sound post-production
    • mixing
    • video post-production
    • animation
    • photo enhancement and correction
    • digital illustration
    • much more!

    General computing activities such as word processing, web browsing, email, social networking or gaming are not priorities in the Digital Media Studio and will only be permitted when undertaken in conjunction with legitimate digital media project work.

    Can I save projects on your computers and equipment?

    Customers using the Digital Media Studio should bring their own storage devices or create personal cloud storage accounts on which to save their work. RPL will provide external storage devices for customers to check out and use in the DMS if their personal storage devices have been forgotten or are at capacity. However, be advised that the availability of such devices is not guaranteed.

    Can we check any of the equipment out?

    Most of the equipment in the Digital Media Studio is provided as part of the basic WhisperRoom Sound Studio setup. However, RPL will also have some extra equipment like microphones, external storage devices and a green screen filming kit available for checkout to be used in the DMS. Future plans will see us offer equipment for checkout that can leave library property. Watch our website for developments!

    How long does equipment checkout for?

    Our in-house use equipment checks out for 3 hours at a time. You must remain in the Digital Media Studio while you are using this equipment. You are responsible for any damage or loss to equipment checked out on your card. Please note that any storage media on the device will be erased when it is returned.

    Can anyone check out equipment?

    In order to check out equipment from the Digital Media Studio you must:

    • Be 14 years of age or older (Children and Special Circumstances customers should have their parents or guardians check out equipment for them)

    • Have a library card with full privileges (Community Access and Unverified cards must upgrade their cards to full cards)

    • Have a library card in good standing (owe less than $10, have no unpaid lost items, have no appeals in progress)

    These restrictions apply to both in-house use and out-of-library circulating equipment. All customers are welcome to visit the DMS, reserve the WhisperRoom Sound Studio and reserve any of the media workstations.

    Ask a Librarian Chat

    RPL's online chat service is only available during the Library's regular hours of service when staff are logged on and ready to help you. During these support hours you will be able to initiate a live chat with library support staff by selecting the purple LIVE CHAT graphic displayed in the bottom right section of your screen.

    RPL Support Hours

    Mon - Thurs: 9:30am - 9:00pm
    Fri - Sat: 10:00am - 6:00pm
    Sun: 1:00pm - 5:00pm


    If you have difficulty using online chat, or have a question when we are offline, please send an email to 

    or phone us at 306.777.6000
    (306.777.6111 for renewals).

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