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Learn business, software, technology and creative skills with online video tutorials taught by recognized industry professionals.

  • Get personalized recommendations. Explore courses based on your experience and goals.
  • Learn from industry experts. Stream Lynda courses taught by passionate instructors with real world experience.
  • Learn at your own pace. Choose from more than 5,000 on-demand courses from Lynda and watch on your own schedule.
  • Watch courses on business, creative and technology skills. Lynda offers more than 5,000 on-demand courses to help you build professional skills across a vast range of job functions.
  • Discover bite-size learning. All Lynda courses are broken into short videos, so you can focus on a key topic of interest. Microlearning or watching small snippets of longer courses, helps you gain knowledge across numerous subjects. Dedicate 10 minutes each day to learning something new.
  • Find the right path for you. Lynda offers dozens of Learning Paths, or series of courses in which industry experts teach valuable career knowledge and skills. Two popular Learning Paths are Become a Digital Marketer and Become a Front-End Web Developer.
  • Quizzes didn't end in college. Confirm your understanding using Lynda assessments, practice environments and coding practice windows.
  • Learn something new. On average, Lynda publishes 25 courses each week. Wondering what's new and interesting? Filter for the most recent using the main search bar.

Course categories include:

Everything Else You Need to Know

How do I get started?

  1. Visit Lynda on the web and enter your library card number and PIN.

  2. Browse course categories by selecting the dropdown “Library” menu along the top of the screen, or use the search bar.

  3. Select a course to view its Table of Contents, Exercise Files, Author and FAQs.

  4. Watch the video tutorial from the beginning, or learn a specific skill by selecting a topic in the Table of Contents. A new Internet window will open to display your video.

Can I access Lynda from home or school?

Yes. You can access Lynda from any place with an internet connection. RPL recommends always launching Lynda from the RPL website for the best possible experience.

Can I use the Lynda app?

RPL recommends using the web browser version of Lynda that is launched from the RPL website for the best possible experience.

If you still decide to use the Lynda app you will need to log in as an existing user and then select the Organization tab. When prompted, enter "" in the Web Portal section. You will then be asked for your library card and PIN.

NOTE: RPL’s Lynda subscription does not support offline downloading of content.

Need More Help?

Full support for all these features is available from the Lynda Help Centre.

If you need to renew your library card or reset your PIN, please contact our staff.

Staff can also provide basic assistance with the service.


Regina Public Library is pleased to provide free access to this third-party service to customers paying taxes to or residing in the City of Regina. Members of other Saskatchewan libraries are not guaranteed access to this service or any other electronic resource to which Regina Public Library subscribes.

Regina Public Library customers are reminded that this is a third-party service over which Regina Public Library has no control so changes may occur without warning and customization is not always possible.

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